Problems to Turn on the Xiaomi Phones: How to Fix it

Among the many problems that we can face with smartphones there is one above all that is very worrying, we talk about the problems to turn on the phone. At Xiaomi we have occasionally encountered this problem, which for various reasons can make us worry about our files and data that we have stored.

Problems to Turn on the Xiaomi Phones: How to Fix it

Although it is an error that is difficult to know its origin, we will try to find out and give you the different solutions that can be given with the key. In case we do not go from the black screen in Xiaomi or we have changed the ROM, we recommend you take a look at this problem that we have already solved and it differs from the ones that we will discuss below.

Force restart on Xiaomi

The first thing we should do when we face a problem that we have in front of us is to keep calm, it could be a temporary failure that by simply forcing the restart is resolved. In the MIUI layer we have the possibility to force it even if the mobile has been frozen or does not finish turning on.

botones restaurar hard reset xiaomi

To achieve this we only have to press and hold the power button and increase the volume for at least 10 seconds, but it is best to hold on until you see the Xiaomi logo. The Recovery menu will be displayed in which we have to move with the volume keys and accept with the power button. Then we touch on the “Reboot” option and then on “Reboot System”. In these steps no file will be lost if we do not make mistakes in the options.

Use safe mode to rule out viruses

Security in Android is increasing and the probability of encountering a virus is low, but an error with applications could prevent us from accessing the mobile. To avoid it, what we will do is resort to the safe mode in Android. In this way, only the system will be loaded, preventing some applications from generating the error that prevents us from finishing turning on the Xiaomi mobile .

modo seguro xiaomi

  • First of all we turn on the phone in the normal way.
  • We wait for the Android or Xiaomi logo to appear, which may vary depending on the model.
  • When we see it we hold down the volume down button.
  • Then we will enter safe mode.

From the settings and applications we can uninstall the latest apps that we have installed to prevent the problem from recurring and we can use it normally.

The computer is your best ally

If with everything we have tried so far we have not found the key to start the mobile , we are left with the possibility of connecting it to the computer and using the official Xiaomi software, trying to solve the problems or at least extract all our files.

mi pc suite xiaomi

To do this, we first have to download and install the My PC Suite program on the computer, then start it and connect the mobile phone through the charging port to the computer. We must be patient and try to turn it on after a while, at some point the system will recognize the mobile and prevent it from turning off again. In case it is not yes, we must enter the recovery menu while we have it connected just as we did to force the restart but without pressing “Reboot System”.

The program will give us the option of extracting the files in the first place and then we can choose to solve the error with the integrated support that will give you the possibility to reinstall the system from scratch and therefore delete all the data on your mobile.

A battery problem is preventing it from turning on

If none of the above has worked, we have to start thinking that the problem may not be in the software and is based on the battery. This would be positive news because changing the battery is not too expensive. Even so, we are going to check if we can turn on the phone with a little patience. We must connect the mobile to the original Xiaomi charger and leave it for at least 30 minutes.

batería móvil xiaomi

After this time and without removing it from charging, we must check if we can turn it on or at least make the attempt, with this new step we can be calmer and contact the technical service to try to fix it. If we do not get any progress, we must make sure that the battery is not swollen or could have absorbed water, a problem that we must also contact the technical service and do not try to charge the device again.