How to Change the Default Browser on Android

The browser of our mobile phone is a fundamental part of the software that accompanies us every day. It is a choice that usually depends a lot on the personal tastes of each user. But manufacturers also have their own tastes or developments, so they integrate default web browsers that may not convince us. Luckily, changing it is very simple and will take us a few seconds.

How to Change the Default Browser on Android

Of course, Google loves Chrome, but almost all manufacturers like Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO etc. They have their own software development in the form of a browser that they offer by default on their mobiles. Since it never rains to everyone’s liking, changing the default browser is something that many users do as soon as they get their new mobile.

Choose the browser you want

How could it be otherwise, our Android mobile allows us the possibility to change the default browser . And on some occasions, it is something that we will have to struggle with on more than one occasion, since the browsers of the brands have the happy habit of repositioning themselves, as if by magic, as the default browser when we had previously installed and selected a different option. If by any chance you do not like the browser that your mobile brings and you have not opted for any, we leave you just below with the dozens of options available on Google Play, where you will surely find one to suit you.

navegadores en google play

Modify settings

In order to change the default browser we will have to go to the Settings of our mobile. The method is similar in all mobiles but the callsign that gives way to the option may vary slightly. Generally we will see an option called Applications and notifications or Application manager. Then we will have to click on the option “Default applications” to be able to modify the browser that opens all the links we receive.

navegador por defecto

Within this menu we will see references to the default options of all system elements such as the camera. We will only have to select “Browser” and we will see the options available in our system, the margin of the default browser. We just have to press our preferred option and accept the changes.

navegador por defecto android

There is a “plan B”

It is also possible that we do not yet have the browser that we want to set by default. In this case, once our favorite is found and installed from Google Play, practically all will give them the option of positioning the new browser as the default browser for the system. The app will take us automatically to the settings menu that modifies this parameter and that we have seen previously.