Problems to Connect a Xiaomi Mobile to the Computer: How to Fix

Although it is not something we usually do, the need to connect our Xiaomi mobile to the computer can become a torment due to the problems that occur on many occasions. These errors make us go around, make changes and not get the solution after many tests. With the intention of helping you in this situation, we have collected the main problems that appear and how to avoid them.

We can go directly to the problem you are suffering, but it is convenient that you take a look at the rest of the solutions, because the one we least think may be the cause of these failures to connect the Xiaomi mobile to the PC . There are many methods that can lead us to find errors, also adding other possibilities if we are not able to solve it.

All the ways to connect your Xiaomi mobile to the computer

Via cable

To make the connection between our Xiaomi and the computer, we can use the cable that comes in the box, where we will have to connect the Micro USB or USB Type C input to the mobile and the other end with the USB to the computer port. This connection is fast and simple, but it is nevertheless where we can find the most problems.

Puerto USB del Xiaomi Mi 8


The manufacturer offers us one more alternative to connect the mobile to the computer, which is recommended especially if what we want is to move files or photos from Xiaomi to the computer. In this case we will have to use the ShareMe tool that comes in the tool drawer of Xiaomi phones with MIUI. Accessing this we will have to look for the option “Share with the computer”.

pasar archivos fotos movil xiaomi

By connecting the mobile and the computer to the same WiFi, we can enter the web address that the mobile shows us in the computer’s browser and in a matter of seconds have access to all the files and elements.

The Xiaomi mobile charges with the computer, but nothing else

The most common thing that we are going to find when plugging a Xiaomi or Redmi mobile to the computer is that it does not appear as a connection device and the computer does not even try to detect it. This is because we have not changed the option that appears by default in Xiaomi when connecting it. Fortunately, the change is simple and quick to make.

transferir datos xiaomi ordenador


We only have to lower the notification bar while the mobile is connected by cable to the computer and a constant notification will appear. By tapping on it, we can choose how we want to use the USB connection between Xiaomi and the computer . As you can see, there is an option to transfer files and another for photos only, choosing the one we need.

There are no files in the browser

Another problem we run into when connecting our Xiaomi to the computer is that although the device appears in the file explorer, there is no content. In this case the problem is not based on any configuration error, but some Xiaomi ROMs limit access to the device in a more advanced way.

explorador archivos xiaomi


It would be enough to unlock the mobile and access it with our PIN or pattern. If this does not work anyway, we will have to disconnect the mobile, restart it and try again. It is also necessary to be patient, as it is not a matter of seconds before the computer recognizes the device.

The mobile does not connect to the Mac

One of the biggest limitations of users with a Xiaomi mobile, as well as other Android phones, comes when connecting them to a MAC. Apple does not allow this connection quickly which becomes one of the main connection problems between Xiaomi and Mac .

android file trasnfer mac


Google is aware of the problem and therefore has an official tool called Android File Transfer . We can download it for free and install it on Mac devices with mac OS version 10.7 or higher. It is convenient to discount the Xiaomi and once the program has been installed and started, repeat the connection steps, although now we recommend only choosing the file transfer method.

Access the broken or damaged mobile from the computer

In the event that our mobile continues to give us access problems, it may be due to some limitation or software error. To avoid this, we have USB debugging at our fingertips, which becomes a key solution. The most normal thing is that it is not necessary to use it, but if nothing of the above has worked and especially the mobile screen does not work as it should, we will have to resort to it.


To have access to this we need permissions as developers, which we will achieve in the following way:

  • We enter the settings of our Xiaomi mobile
  • We touch the section on the phone.
  • We click on the MIUI version several times until we see the permissions.

The next thing we have to do is this:

depuracion usb xiaomi

  • We enter the mobile Settings.
  • We go down to the Additional Settings.
  • Click on Developer options.
  • Finally we look for and activate “USB debugging”.
  • We disconnect and reconnect the mobile to the computer.

The alternative solution to connect your Xiaomi to the computer

When everything else has failed, we have to resort to a Xiaomi tool that is being deprecated by the brand itself. It has not been renewed since 2015, but nevertheless it remains a key piece for all those who have continuous problems with the connection between Xiaomi phones and computers . It is only available for Windows from the program’s website .

mi pc suite xiaomi

With the tool we can move files, photos and videos from one device to another, as well as have access to the file manager with the aesthetics created by Xiaomi