ImBatch: Free Program to Edit and Convert Images in Batches

If we are used to working regularly with photographs, we may need the possibility of using tools that allow us to convert between different formats. Similarly, when working with a large number of images simultaneously, the possibility of carrying out these batch conversions will also be of great help. For this we can use a free program like ImBatch , which we will talk about below.

ImBatch is a complete batch image conversion tool, with which we can perform a wide variety of complex image editing tasks, being able to apply changes to hundreds of images at the same time. This software allows us to crop, resize, rotate, add and remove tags or convert the image format. It is possible to perform combinations of different single image editing tasks, so we will have no limits when making our compilations and then creating and batch processing s. In addition, we can save our compilations, which allows the more we use it, the faster it becomes.

edit images in batch

This powerful software is compatible with a wide variety of formats such as BMP, DIB, RLE, TIF, GIF, JPG, PNX, PNG, TGA, PPM, PGM, DAT, PSD, WDP, HDP among others. It differs from other similar programs by including an intelligent system that allows us to configure multiple tasks and execute them simultaneously. It also allows us to save our tasks in a file to be able to use them later in other editing projects. Other interesting functions is the ability to preview images, delete selected ones, zoom in or out and automatically update the current image.

Edit and save time by batch converting images

Once we execute the application, its main menu appears with some parts in Spanish (although the functions to be performed in English) with a clean and intuitive interface despite having many dedicated parameters, offering quick access to a wide set of functions well organized. To get started, just drag and drop the images onto your menu or use the “Add new images” or “Add folders” buttons represented by a green color and found on your task bar.

ImBatch interfaz

Once we have added the images that we are going to deal with, they will appear ordered one below the other in the left panel. Together with each image it shows us its name, the type of image, the source folder from which we have imported it, its dimensions, the DPI, as well as a preview of them.

ImBatch imágenes agregadas

Wide variety of tasks for image editing

In the right column we find the “Add task” button from where we can perform image editing operations . There it provides us with an extensive list of tools that can be configured easily. We can apply watermarks by embedding both text messages and images and selecting the font style, transparency, rotation angle and alignment, as well as using the automatic enhancement mode to improve the quality of the photos.

ImBatch agregar tareas

Its wide variety of tools allows us to adjust the levels of brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and luminosity, alter the RGB values and make the images black and white, apply options for grayscale, sepia or white balance, as well. like inserting frames by loading a photo from our PC. We also have a wide variety of special effects at our disposal, such as Gaussian sharpness and blur options, internal or soft shadows, and rounded corners. There will be no lack of ability to resize 3D images and canvas, activate auto-crop, as well as flip, resize and rotate items.

ImBatch editando imágenes

Additional tools

Other important features of ImBatch can be found in its “Tools” tab where it allows us to eliminate or configure the EXIF and IPTC tags , reset the time, change the name of the files and revert the changes to the original configuration of the picture. Edited files can be converted to various file formats (PNG, TGA, JPG, EPS, PCX, BMP, FDF, PSD, SVG, MTV), keep the original file names, publish them on Facebook or insert additional data (file , image, EXIF or IPTC attributes). Likewise, we can use the hotkeys for better control of the entire process and undo or redo any action performed.

ImBatch edición EXIF


As we can see, ImBatch shows that this is a reliable editing program . This is because it incorporates a complete set of tools that will help us process our images in batches. The design is quite intuitive, which makes it an ideal tool for all types of users. However, the fact that they are not all translated into Spanish can be a small inconvenience the first time it is used. Likewise, this will not matter as we use the program.

Download ImBatch for free

ImBatch is a tool with which to edit and convert images in batches completely free for personal non-commercial use, which we can download from its website. It is compatible with Windows from XP to Windows 10 and has an installation mode and a portable one. We will not find Trojans or viruses, or AdWare or annoying toolbar so that we can focus solely on our work. We will barely need 86MB of space on our hard drive for its installation.

ImBatch instalación normal o portable

Alternatives to ImBatch

If we are looking for a program with which to be able to edit and convert images in batches, we leave you some alternatives to ImBatch to consider:

Image Tuner

It is an image editor and converter compatible with more than 20 different formats, including RAW. We can perform tasks such as resizing, naming, adding watermarks, and working with multiple files simultaneously. In addition, we may remove EXIF data as well as any other information from our digital images. We can download it for free directly from the developer’s website .

AVS Image Converter

This program allows us to carry out editing and conversion tasks. We found functions like resizing, rotating, adding watermarks and applying effects to our images, supporting batch processing. In addition, we can adjust image parameters such as brightness, contrast or saturation. Download AVS Image Converter for free from this link.


With this tool we can perform batch image conversion tasks. With it we can edit a large number of images applying the same pattern, with the press of a button. In addition, we can rotate images and set watermarks, as well as edit and resize them according to our needs. We can download rEASYze for free from their website .