Problems and Closures on Huawei Phones with Google Apps

An unexpected problem is affecting several Huawei phones, which has to do with the closure of Google applications . We might think that this problem is affecting those users who have a Huawei mobile without Google services, but the truth is that the opposite is true. This is happening on mobiles that have Google apps as standard.

Problems and Closures on Huawei Phones with Google Apps

After having contacted users and known first-hand the experience of these apps on Huawei mobiles where Google services have been installed, we got another surprise. In these mobiles where the rules have had to be skipped to install the apps there is no problem and they work normally in all cases, which makes the situation even more confusing.

Google Discover closes on Huawei phones

The main failure is in Google Discover, the tool that Google offers to keep up with the news that interests us the most. In Huawei smartphones, using this application has become an adventure because without prior notice when you are browsing between the publications the app closes. However, this is not the only Google app that closes , it has also occurred in Google Files and Gallery Go.

google discover

The mobiles that we have known to date that have been affected are very varied and we find units with EMUI 10 but also some with EMUI 9. This makes us think about a general problem that increasingly affects more smartphones, we show you the ones that we have been able to know so far with this failure and we invite you to tell us in the comments if you are also suffering this failure with your model:

  • Huawei P30 Pro
  • Huawei P Smart 2019
  • Huawei P Smart
  • Huawei P Smart +

The temporary solution

For now, neither Google nor Huawei have made statements regarding this problem, despite the fact that there are already threads in the Huawei forum warning of this situation. As long as an official answer is not given, the only thing we can try to solve it on our own, something for which we have to follow the following steps:

borrar datos google huawei

  • We enter the mobile Settings.
  • We go to Applications and again Applications.
  • We look for Google or the app that is creating the problem for us.
  • Inside we go to the Storage section.
  • We empty the cache and put in manage space.
  • Here we erase all data and even search data.

Some users have not been able to fix the problem with Google apps in Huawei with these steps and in others they can use the app for a longer time at least. Once we have a definitive solution or more information we will let you know.