Problem with Notifications on Moto G7 Power? How to Fix it

One of the most frustrating situations we can find with our smartphone is when we stop receiving notifications. Today we are going to focus on the Motorola Moto G7 Power , which may experience some of these problems, although the solution is closer than it seems.

The variants for not receiving notifications of calls or apps can be very diverse, sometimes it can be due to a mismatch in the configuration that prevents things from functioning as they should. The Moto G7 Power may experience these problems, but we can easily add it if we touch the correct keys.Moto-G7-Power-alert

Check the settings

The first thing we have to do and are not receiving calls or other notifications, is to go to Settings / Apps and notifications / All apps / Phone / Notifications. In this menu we will ensure that we have not turned off notifications by mistake.

In addition, the notification behavior of the “Incoming calls” of the Phone App can be configured to select different styles: “Making sound and displaying on screen” , “Making sound”, “Show without emitting sound” or “Show on silence and minimize ». We should review these options from Settings> Apps and notifications> Phone> Notifications> Incoming calls> Behavior. Since if “Minimize” or “Stop notifications” is selected, it can be the cause of our problem.

Frontal y trasera del Moto G7 Power

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Visual effects

If we are still not receiving any notification, visual effects may be disabled. To check it we will have to go to Settings / Sound / Do not interrupt. Here we must see if the terminal is configured to receive “Notifications without sound” or “Notifications without sound and visual elements”

If the problem is that we do not receive notifications from a specific app like WhatsApp, we will have to go to Settings / Apps / All Apps and click on the app you are not notifying to check if notification permissions are disabled.

Once we have done all the previous steps and if our Moto G7 Power still does not receive notifications, we must try the following actions that should solve the problem:

Other solutions

  • We select recent and slide all apps to the right. Then we turn off the equipment and turn it on again.
  • Check the good reception of Wi-Fi or Data signal. Toggle, activating and deactivating one or the other.
  • If the problem is with a specific application, we should check for updates. We can always try uninstalling and reinstalling the App, if necessary.
  • We start Motorola in Safe Mode and uninstall third-party apps that may be causing a conflict with the system configuration.