How to prevent Windows updates from damaging your PC

Among the many components that are part of the Windows operating system , the updates that Microsoft sends us are among the most important. However, at the same time they are especially conflicting, something that has happened for too many versions of the system.

prevent Windows updates from damaging your PC

All this despite the efforts that the company itself has been making for a long time in order to improve these updates. Despite their importance, they could even be considered essential, sometimes they present important failures in certain equipment. Precisely for this reason, many users choose to postpone the arrival of these by configuring the operating system. But we can also choose to use certain specific applications to carry out these blocking tasks .

Next, we are going to talk about a series of useful programs that will allow you to block the arrival of these updates to your computer. This will allow us to have much more control over this type of action to install the new versions of Windows when we really deem it appropriate. In addition, we also avoid the problems that appear from time to time in the Windows Update application.

stopupdates windows


This is a free program whose main objective is to block Windows updates . For this, it proposes two operating methods so that we can choose the one that most interests us in each case. The first is carried out through the same function of the Windows system that allows us to pause the software elements that we are talking about here.

In fact, we will have the possibility to establish the deadline until which we want to delay its installation. On the other hand, the second method blocks the processes and services in charge of this specific task.

Win Updates Disabler

Here we find another interesting similar application that allows us to disable Windows update services . To give us an idea, the software allows you to disable Windows Update, Windows security services such as Defender and Firewall.

In this case, we only have to check the corresponding box that allows us to block the arrival of Microsoft system updates. In addition, it is a portable program that makes it even easier for us to apply these changes in a simple way, all after downloading the program .

Win Update Stop

It is very possible that when performing these blocking tasks that we are talking about here, we do not want to complicate life too much. This is something that is especially extensible to users with little experience in the Microsoft system. We tell you all this because next we will talk about the simplest software solution for these tasks that we are going to find. It is a useful application to block updates valid for all types of users.

We must bear in mind that the program is valid for most versions of Windows, starting with XP. In addition, its simplicity of use is based on the fact that its interface only shows two buttons. With one of them we manage to block the updates, while the other one helps us to unblock them. As you can imagine, this application does not offer us additional configuration options or functions. Simply download the software solution and take advantage of its simple functionality.