How to prevent Instagram messages from appearing in seen

If you want to see other people’s messages on Instagram without them knowing that you’ve seen them, either because you don’t want to reply right away, you prefer not to be monitored, or you simply don’t want them to have this information, luckily you have a way to do it.

We tell you how you can do so that other users do not know that you have seen their messages at the moment you decide. You can choose the one that you find most interesting or safe depending on whether you want to save some time or you directly do not want that person to know that you have read them.

prevent Instagram messages from appearing in seen

Ways to read messages without them knowing

There are two main ways to read messages in the famous app without the other person knowing that you have read it or appearing in seen.

See it from notifications

One of the best ways to read your messages without being seen is to do it from your mobile notifications . This will mean that you do not have to open the application to see the message, although you will not be able to see it in its entirety.

If you want to turn on message notifications , you’ll need to do this:

  • go to your profile
  • Go to Settings
  • Give to Notifications
  • Select push notifications
  • In calls and direct messages select all


If everything is activated, you will receive the notifications on your mobile and you will be able to see them in preview, without skipping the tick. If it doesn’t work for you, check that you have notifications activated on your mobile , in the manage applications section looking for Instagram.

One of the interesting things about the notification bar is that you can read and reply to messages, even delete them, without entering the app.

Airplane mode

A classic to see the messages without the other person knowing is to use the airplane mode. In this way, we open the application without having WiFi or data , which means that we can see the message, but there is nothing that can alert us that we have seen it since all communication is deactivated.

This is a safe solution so that the tick does not appear. The only problem is that once you connect, the message will appear as seen. However, you can still do something to delay this moment.

The steps are these:

  • Put airplane mode on your phone
  • Read the messages that interest you
  • Log out of Instagram and remove the background app
  • turn off airplane mode
  • When you want to enter again, log in with your account
  • The check will not be sent until you enter the conversation again

You can use this trick even in stories , but knowing that when you get back online they’ll find out you’ve seen them.

Other options to consider

Beyond the main ways to hide that you have seen messages, you can prevent them from seeing when you connect or even use an external application for this purpose.

Prevent them from seeing when you connect

In addition to preventing them from knowing when you’ve seen their messages, it can help to prevent them from knowing your activity status. In other words, with this you can prevent the people you’ve sent a message from from knowing the last time you connected to the app or when you’re online. You have to go to your status to activate and disable this option, knowing that you will not be able to see the activity status of other accounts either.

Getting here is very simple:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Privacy
  3. Scroll down to Activity Status
  4. Deactivate this option (it is not marked in blue)
  5. Use an app


Use external apps

If you don’t want to risk the other person finding out that you’ve seen them, you can use other external apps that perform this function. The most advisable thing is not to install applications that you do not know or do not know if they work well, however, a good alternative is Unseen .


Although it’s better not to install anything you don’t need and resort to other options, with this app your contacts won’t be able to see that you’ve read their messages on Instagram, WhatsApp and a large number of other applications.

That way you won’t have to explain to anyone when you connect, who you talk to, if you’ve left them on seen, etc.