How to Prevent Facebook from Tracking You in Chrome or Firefox

Social networks like Facebook are very present in the daily life of Internet users. They offer us the possibility of being in contact with friends and family, giving our opinion or simply uploading photos and videos. Now, it is a reality that they also represent a focus to put our privacy at risk. There is a lot of data that we host here and also many third-party pages that can collect information from users. In this article we are going to talk about it. We will explain how to avoid crawling in Chrome and Firefox .

Data on Facebook is highly exposed

facebook tracking

First of all, we must remember that the personal data we host on Facebook is highly exposed. Hence, it is not recommended to put more data than is really necessary. A way to avoid that they can spy on us or collect information that we do not want to be exposed on the network.

However, beyond that data that we put ourselves on social networks such as Facebook, we must bear in mind that the platform itself can also collect information from us. You can obtain data from searches we carry out, sites we visit, etc. A way to be able to offer targeted advertising, for example.

Luckily we have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities to improve privacy and security on the net. We can make use of different programs that are aimed at improving these two factors that are highly valued by users.

In this article we are going to focus on Facebook and tools that we can use for Chrome and Firefox. The goal is to prevent Facebook from tracking us. In this way, it will not show us information related to our searches, for example.

How to avoid Facebook tracking in Firefox

First of all we are going to talk about the option for Mozilla Firefox . As we know it is one of the most popular browsers. It is present in many devices and when it comes to privacy and security, many consider it as one of the best options. It offers different tools to protect our data and not run any type of risk.

For this we can make use of the Facebook container tool. Basically what it does is isolate our account and thus prevent Facebook from collecting data from other pages or platforms that we visit. It is simply as if we were only using the social network and nothing else.

Facebook Container , as the extension is officially called, is completely free. It is best to download it from the official Firefox store. As we always say, we recommend adding this type of software only from official sources. Only then will we avoid installing software that has been maliciously modified.

Facebook Container

What Facebook Container does is completely isolate our Facebook account. This means that, among other things, we can also open another account in the same browser. It is basically as if we were opening it from another browser or in incognito mode.

How to avoid Facebook tracking in Chrome

As it could not be otherwise, the Google browser also has tools that allow us to do something similar. We can use SessionBox . It is not an exclusive extension for Facebook, since we can use any other platform in a similar way.

SessionBox’s idea is the same as in the case of Firefox: isolate our Facebook account. In this way we can prevent it from sharing cookie storage with the rest of the browser and, ultimately, Facebook can track us.

Its use is also very simple. To install it we have to go to the official Chrome store. There we will see that it is also useful to log into several accounts at the same time. It is, in short, another possibility that we have.

In short, we can avoid Facebook tracking in both Firefox and Chrome. As we know they are two of the most used browsers today and therefore this article can come in handy for many users. Keep in mind that there are more tools that we can use, but for the basic objective that we set ourselves, these are enough.