Precautions When Installing an Application Outside of Google Play

Most of our Android mobiles integrate the Google Play application bazaar. It is an immersive ocean of applications in which we will find everything we need in terms of software for our mobile phone. Google have been in charge of making it the largest bazaar available for smartphones, so that we do not need to go looking for anything “outside”.

Google itself and security experts do not recommend installing applications that are not on Google Play . However, we have seen how various malware has crept into the kitchen of this app store. The risk outside these channels is greater, but there is no “official method” to download an application for your mobile, although the Google Play option is painted as the most appropriate.

Why download outside of Google Play?

There are many applications that do not accept to be part of Google Play, and that post their developments on their own websites or in other bazaars. We may also need to revert to a previous version of an application, an option that the Google Marketplace does not offer. Very famous games such as Fortnite itself, must be downloaded in an alternative way as they are not within Google Play.

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Cautions when downloading outside of Google

At this point, it is true that the risks multiply, since downloading an application in the vastness of the network does not offer “security”, nor does it have Google Play’s filters against malware and viruses. For this reason we will have to take extreme precautions. We are going to see therefore what we have to do to enhance the security of our device, when we need a similar download.

Activate the necessary options

The first thing we have to do is activate the “Unknown sources” within the security settings of the mobile. This will allow the “APK” files required for the installation of applications to run without problem. Likewise, if our mobile has an antivirus, we must make sure that it is activated before downloading and installing the application.

Instalar apps orígenes desconocidos

Otherwise, it is advisable to install a third party, as long as it corresponds to a reputable security company such as ESET, Kaspersky or AVAST. All have their own free version on Google Play, although most with payment options. However, it is the best way to be protected against these risks.

Once done, we can download the famous “APK” (Android Application Package) with more peace of mind. That is, the file that contains the program and its installation package and that can be recognized by our mobile.

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Make a backup

This is something that should always be done, but in this case with more reason. Our Android mobile has tools to make backup copies. The easiest and fastest way before installing an app outside of Google Play is to go to Settings / Google / Make a backup copy . Then click on “Create a backup now”. At the end of the process, our data can be found in Google Drive. In this way we will be covered in the event of an unforeseen event.

Site control

To download an application outside of Google Play, we must make sure that the site we are on is completely trustworthy. That is, the official website of the developer, or a reputable alternative bazaar. A Google Drive-style file hosting service may also be valid, as long as it comes from a trusted source such as the developer himself or a communication medium. In order to be a bit more calm, these are the most popular alternative application bazaars:

  • Aptoid
  • Bad life
  • Amazon App Store
  • F-Droid
  • Slide me
  • Uptodown