How to Improve the Quality of Photos Taken with Your Mobile

The quality of the photos taken with the mobile depends mainly on two factors. The first is something that is beyond our power, since it has to do with the implanter hardware by the manufacturer and its optimization to obtain better or worse results. The second does affect us and is related to the options we have at our disposal to take photos with more quality.

Leaving aside the first, there are many adjustments and actions that we can carry out to achieve that extra quality that we miss in our photos. Today’s smartphones include a large number of options and settings that we can take advantage of.

Improve the quality of your photos

First of all, clean the lenses

We may be cursing the quality of our photos, and the stark reality is that the sensor may be dirtier than it should be . Blurry or smudged photos can be improved simply by cleaning the cameras. Dust and micro-particles block the light that the lens picks up, so we may have been taking photos in these circumstances for a long time without knowing it.

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It is best in this case to use a microfiber cloth to clean the cameras. We will not have to use paper towels and other similar materials, which can scratch the surface. A little isopropyl alcohol is perfect to apply to the cloth and gently rub the lenses. Then we will dry them with a dry part of the cloth and we will check how our mobile looks like another by taking photos.

Activate the maximum capacity of the mobile

Many mobiles do not have their maximum capacity activated by default, when taking photos. To use the sensors in all their glory, we will have to enter the camera options within the shooting interface and activate the maximum resolution. This is one of the best ways to improve the quality of your photos, but also one of the most overlooked.

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Mobile stability

This is a key aspect for photos to come out much better, as it will ensure clearer and sharper images . Shaking hands can spoil the best shot. To solve this, we can use a solid and stable surface to support the elbows before shooting. We can also get a mobile tripod, which are very useful in this case.

Give him his time

Sometimes we shoot too fast, but not all mobiles have the same capacity. Therefore, it is recommended that before touching the shutter button, we wait for the camera to adjust the exposure and focus . Only when the image is sharp in the viewfinder is when we should press the shutter button to get the best results.

Update your mobile

The number of system updates, the changelogs of which reflect improvements to the camera, is surprising. These improvements can be both in its stability and in the quality of the images. Therefore, if we have any of these updates pending, we must proceed to resolve it. We can check it from Settings / System / System Updates.

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Change the default camera

This is something that many users turn to. The default camera may not be optimized enough , something that some third-party developments do. There are very famous cameras whose fame is well deserved, by improving the quality of photos on many mobiles. Just below we leave you with some of the best known to install, all available on Google Play as Open Camera or Camera MX .

Post-processing improvements

If there is no way for the photos to come out with the desired quality, we will still have more options at our disposal , and it is the later edition. Most of today’s mobiles have advanced editing tools, but if not, we can use a third-party tool to help us with the work.

  • Editor on mobile : If the photo has not turned out as expected, we can make it improve later, touching its exposure, its brightness or even eliminating background objects. All you have to do is enter your mobile photo album and tap on “Edit” to see all the available options. Even many terminals have the option of automatic “wand” that improves the quality of the photo automatically.

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  • Third-party editor: Google Play is full of applications to improve the photos we have taken. These tools allow you to make blurry photos lighter , or brighten those that are dark. The options are very wide, and here you can try one of the best.