Powerful Bluetooth Speakers: Best Models, Features, and Prices

Now that the good weather is approaching and it seems that the situation we have experienced during the last year improves, surely you are already planning the occasional meeting with friends. And what better to accompany those evenings than good music. But of course, if we are outdoors, the speaker that we are going to use must meet essential conditions: be wireless and powerful enough . Therefore, today we have told you everything you need to know about powerful Bluetooth speakers and we bring you a selection of the best options that you will find in the market.

Powerful Bluetooth Speakers – Are They Really Worth It?

Powerful Bluetooth Speakers: Best Models
You may be asking yourself this question if you were thinking of getting a device like that. Surely you are wondering what positive and negative points can have having a greater power in a speaker at home.

The first thing is to define how we know the power of an accessory of this type and, perhaps more importantly, how much is considered a “powerful” loudspeaker. Power or, better said, acoustic power is a parameter that is reflected in the technical characteristics of these devices with the unit of watts (W) .

And, regarding how many watts a speaker must have to be considered powerful, the truth is that there is no “official” value, so to speak. We could say that a loudspeaker is powerful enough to liven up any gathering of friends (not a party of 70 people, something more “normal”) from 40 W. With this value or something higher, we could feel that the volume that it manages to reach is sufficient.

However, there are 3 main characteristics that affect the power of a speaker:

  • Size and weight : the louder we want a speaker to sound, it is normal for it to be larger speakers and, therefore, with a greater weight. This, despite the fact that it is a Bluetooth device, can make it difficult to transport it if we want to take it to other places. But of course, if we really think about opting for something of great power, the safest thing is that our intention is not to transport it too many times.
  • Autonomy : the more power we are using a speaker, the greater its electrical consumption. Therefore, the more battery it will use.
  • Price : something common in this equipment is that, the higher the power of the speaker, the higher the manufacturing cost and, therefore, the price that we pay for it.

Power is not the only important thing

Altavoz Libratone Zipp Mini 2

That said, it is very important that you remember that the maximum power of a speaker is not the only important thing to consider before buying.

Following the dynamics of parties, meetings or, for example, being able to use it in different parts of the house without the need for cables, other interesting features that you should take into account are:

  • Compatible codecs : for you to understand easily, codecs are going to be one of the fundamental legs to ensure the sound quality that we hear. These serve to encode the wireless signal affecting the audio compression section. The most used codecs today are: AptX, LDAC, SBC and AAC .
  • Resistance : in the event that your speaker is going to be exposed to possible splashes of water (swimming pool, showers or simply a hose) this parameter is of vital importance. Our recommendation is that, at least, it has IP protection against splashes .
  • Connectivity : We are talking about Bluetooth speakers, but this is not the only kind of interesting connectivity you could have. For example, NFC is very useful to make a simpler and faster connection just by bringing the phone closer to this equipment. Or, for example, WiFi connectivity will allow us to manage them remotely.

Best powerful Bluetooth speakers

Now, you already know everything you need to make the best choice among all the options available in the wireless speaker market. Of course, having such a high number, you may not know which one can be better.

For that reason, we have compiled a list of the most interesting models that you can buy through Amazon.

Sony SRS-XB43

The first Bluetooth speaker we want to talk to you about is the Sony SRS-XB43 . It is a device with a power of 43 W, with a long-lasting battery with up to 24 hours of use. In addition, it has resistance to water, dust and rust. A curious feature of this model is that the LED bands that you can see at its ends are customizable and, therefore, we can change them to our liking. Its price is around 180 euros .

Marshall Stanmore II

Another such device that you should keep in mind is the Marshall Stanmore II . It is a Bluetooth speaker with a very recognizable vintage style aesthetic. Its maximum power is 80 W and the connectivity is Bluetooth 5.0, so we can use it at quite a distance without problems from the phone. Of course, if you know that water can fall on it while you are using it, you should know that this model does not have any protection for those situations. The price that we will have to pay for it is 266 euros .

Sonos move

How could it be otherwise, the manufacturer Sonos has high-power Bluetooth speakers in its catalog. The model that is most interesting to us this time is the Sonos Move. A high quality speaker, with protection against water and dust, as well as WiFi connectivity, Bluetooh and AirPlay 2 compatibility. Its power is more than enough for any situation its battery is capable of holding up to 10 hours of continuous playback with a single charge . The price of this speaker is 399 euros .

Tronsmart T6 MAX

A somewhat cheaper alternative than the latter, reaching up to 200 euros , is the Tronsmart T6 MAX . This time it is a model with 60 W of maximum power and up to 20 hours of playback with its internal battery. It has 3 different equalization modes and 360º stereo sound. Regarding the degree of protection, it has IPX5. In addition, it incorporates NFC for faster synchronization.