Portable Batteries to Go on Vacation: Best Power Banks

Portable Batteries to Go on Vacation: Best Power Banks

Nowadays it is rare to talk about portable batteries or power banks and that someone does not know what we are talking about. Those small (or not so small) devices can save us from more than one trouble when we are away from home but, above all, when we go on vacation. You know, that of constantly looking using the mobile to take photos, record videos or look in which direction we have to go are things that drain the battery. For that reason, today we show you a selection of the best power banks to go on vacation with battery to spare, whatever your destination.

Important details to buy the perfect battery

PowerBank con enchufe Xiaomi

Although it seems a bit absurd, choosing a power bank is not as quick / easy as looking at the capacity and that’s it. If you act in this way, you may get a surprise at some point, and not exactly a good one.

The aspects that you should take into account to choose your ideal portable battery well are:

  • Capacity : we are not going to deny it either, the amount of mAh that this accessory has is quite important. This is one of the key details that will dictate the number of times we can carry a gear while on vacation. Our recommendation is that, as a minimum, you opt for a 10,000 mAh battery and up. But, if you are going to be away for a long time, or carry a lot of equipment, it may be more interesting to opt for 20,000 mAh.
  • Power of the ports : another quite relevant detail is the power output of the connections of this battery. This parameter is measured in watts (W). Depending on this, the equipment to which we supply energy will charge more or less quickly. If you do not want to take too long to charge a mobile phone, for example, we recommend that the minimum of at least one of the connections is 15 W.
  • Number of ports : here it depends directly on your needs. The normal thing is to find batteries that, at least, have a USB-C port and another “normal” USB. However, if the number of computers you want to load is large, opt for an option that arrives well loaded with connections.
  • Air travel : this is where more than one user has found himself between his back and the wall due to ignorance. If you want to carry your portable battery with you at all times of the trip, you should know that to carry it in cabin luggage there are certain limits and these will depend on each company. The limits in a company like Iberia Express are the following:

  • Extras : these details that we are commenting on now are rather secondary, nothing of vital importance, but they can benefit you or even get you out of trouble. Some power banks include extra features such as: wireless charging, photovoltaic panels to charge in the middle of the field, built-in cables or even a cigarette lighter.

Best power banks to take on vacation

Having said all the above, now that you know that not everything is the load capacity when choosing these devices, it is time to decide on one of the thousands of options on the market.

To make your work easier, we have compiled some of the most interesting models of portable batteries that you can buy today. Get ready because the list comes well loaded.

Large capacity portable batteries

The first models of power banks that we want to recommend are those of great capacity. So that you travel with peace of mind that you will not run out of battery no matter what happens.

Starting with the smallest capacity, we have this 15,000 mAh from POWERADD . This has a weight of almost 330 grams and LED indicators to know the remaining capacity. Regarding the ports, it has two USB 15W each, in addition to a USB-C for charging 15W as well.

Raising the capacity a bit, there is this 20,000 mAh battery from Belkin , which we can buy in several different colors. It is true that it only has 2 ports, a USB-C and a USB-A. But, in this case, the USB-C port has a maximum charging power of 30 W, something that gives us the opportunity to charge even more powerful equipment such as an iPad or one of the new MacBook Air with M1. Its weight, yes, reaches 530 grams.

Finally, within this category, we reach 30,000 mAh with this model from the manufacturer JIGA . As curious details, this battery comes with 6 different ports of all kinds (USB-C, USB-A, microUSB and even Lightning) whose maximum performance is 18 W. It also incorporates a flashlight and its own wireless charging base in the side of the body. On this occasion, by increasing the capacity, we reached 600 grams of battery.

Power banks loaded with extras

We now continue with batteries that attract attention, not so much for their maximum load capacity, for one or more extra details that they include. Some may be useful to you and others may not, but they are certainly eye-catching.

The charging power may not be the most striking thing about this POWERADD power bank, but it is certainly an option for adventurers. This model has a maximum capacity of 26,800 mAh with a maximum charging power of 16 W. However, the most striking thing about this model is that it has high-power flashlights, solar panel to charge me during the day while we are walking around the field and, as icing on the cake, a resistance with which we can make fire (not only used to light cigarettes … in fact, do not use it for that). Its weight is about 550 grams.

We are aware that in this article we are talking about batteries to go on vacation and, in addition, we have recommended a minimum of 10,000 mAh. But this power bank has a star feature: it is compatible with the MagSafe technology of the iPhone 12 and, therefore, remains magnetized on the back while charging the phone. Its 5,000 mAh will not be a panacea, but the food for use while visiting a new city is spectacular. In addition, it is capable of charging with a power of 15 W.

The next model also has something eye-catching. And it is that, in addition to its 23,400 mAh and its maximum load of 30 W, it incorporates a 12V port equal to that of our car’s cigarette lighter. So we can connect here devices such as a thermos for the car, a portable refrigerator or a compressor to fill a mat, for example.

However, if what you needed were large charging powers, you can choose one of these two alternatives that exceed 100 W of power . They have a considerable number of ports, in case you do not want to give current to a single device and, of course, sufficient capacities to give life to all of them: one reaches 27,000 mAh, while the other doubles them with 60,000 mAh. Of course, its price is in line with these outstanding characteristics.