Popcorn Pixar: the New Pixar Shorts Already on Disney Plus

Popcorn Pixar

If you’re a fan of animation in general and Pixar in particular, you’re in luck. The company has launched a new batch of shorts that you can now enjoy on Disney Plus. So are the Pixar Popcorn, little stories with very recognizable characters within the Pixar universe.

Toy Story, The Incredibles or the recent Soul on Pixar Popcorn

Pixar has published a new collection of very particular shorts on Disney Plus, because they have been created with all the staff working from home. And it is that the idea of carrying out these small productions arose during the month of April, when the first major confinement had to be made due to COVID-19.

It was Andy Bell who motivated all his animators to create as many short films as possible from some of Pixar’s most popular franchises . This is how Popcorn Pixar was born.

Although it was not an easy challenge, because as Maureen Giblin describes for Polygon, the animators only had a couple of months, which meant having to change the usual work dynamics. Where, for example, those coffee breaks can mark the outcome of a story when ideas appear that change history.

However, despite having had to start directly with the animation , having to take advantage of already existing sets and elements, and without the possibility of recording new dialogues (hence most of them are a succession of actions with barely exchanging words) the result it’s nothing bad.

It is true that some stories lose a bit of consistency compared to other shorts published by the company, but in order not to even have a previous stroyboard or similar, whoever believes they can do it better than to try.

Top 10 Pixar Popcorn shorts

The list of Pixar Popcorn shorts consists of a total of 10 productions, where you can see characters from mythical franchises such as Toy Story, Cars, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles or more recent films such as Coco or Soul. These are the 10 Pixar Popcorn shorts.

To the gym and beyond

In this first short, Buzz Lightyear is the protagonist. The well-known character from Toy Story will act as an aerobic monitor and try to get Bonnie’s other toys to keep up with him.

Parking “nada lelo”

In Parking “nada lolo” the characters of Cars will do a friendly contest where they will have to demonstrate their skills while parking in parallel. Which do you think will be the one to do it the best?

Dory finds

One of Dory’s personality traits that was clear to all of us who saw Finding Nemo was undoubtedly her ability to quickly forget what she was doing. In this short there are things that do not change, but seeing how he has a great time with some trinkets that he finds at the bottom of the sea is worth it. Although later the short is not one of those that remain etched in your memory.

The soul of the city

Soul has a lot of great things, but without a doubt one of them is that it is set in New York. The city warehouse is a succession of images and sounds of the popular city, the one that they say never sleeps and that many know as if it were their own thanks to all the movies that are recorded in its streets.

Stuffed animals with Ducky and Bunny: love

In the last Toy Story movie there were a couple of characters who managed to find a place quickly in the hearts of the audience: Ducky and Bunny. These two stuffed animals united in one of the carnival attractions are now faced with the challenge of assuming that children may love one more than the other. Who will it be?

Homework day … in the style of the incredibles

The Incredibles are, as their name suggests, an incredible family. So if you have powers, no matter how hard you try to avoid them, you will end up using them even in everyday tasks. So come on in and see what it’s like to do your homework super style.

A day in the life of the dead

Coco is not that sad film as some are still determined to catalog it, but it is a marvel of film where you appreciate many things in life and the importance that in countries like Mexico they give to the dead. In this short, Pixar shows what a normal day is like in the afterlife.

Stuffed things with Ducky and Bunny: three heads

We repeat with Ducki and Bunny, a new situation for this pair of two that demonstrate what we mentioned before: that they have made a strong impression on the audience and because of their own personalities they can give a lot of play in this type of productions.

Dancing with the cars

Dancing with cars, another short film where Radiator Spring’s neighbors demonstrate their dancing skills at Flo’s Café. A show of timing, wheels and turns to the beat of the music.

Yum yum cookie

Finally, the Parr return to action. But this time they will not have to save the world but see who will be able to eat the last cookie on one of those nights when you wake up and need to peck something.

New streams for future content

The interesting thing about all these shorts will be in the learnings that Pixar, its animators and other employees have achieved during these months. Because the idea is that more content of this type continue to be made to continue feeding Disney Plus.

So, if in the end the reception of the new shorts is good, there will be much more content with all these characters who are capable in most cases of transmitting something very special to us.

Not forgetting that for those of us who enjoy creative tasks, being able to see any Pixar animation is always an enriching activity. As much as it does not live up to his best shorts. But you cannot always be at an outstanding level and it is better to maintain consistency and a minimum than to do nothing.

Those of Ducky and Bunny are to see them yes or yes , although you will tell us which have been your favorites in case you dare.