Pocket Projectors Perfect to Take Wherever You Want

One of the eternal fights between movie lovers is whether it is better to buy a projector or a Smart TV. Both devices offer a series of advantages and disadvantages, so you have to be very clear about the use that you are going to give it. Although you can also bet on a pocket projector.

We are talking about a type of mini projector that stands out for its moderate size. It is perfect to be able to take it wherever you want and see all kinds of content as if you were in a movie theater. And the truth is that the variety available on the market is wide enough so that you can find the solution that best suits your needs.

Details to consider when buying a projector of this type

Pocket Projectors

When buying a product of this type, you have to consider its obvious limitations. In such a restrained size, certain technology cannot be integrated. In this way, although you will find a model capable of projecting content in Full HD quality , the most normal thing is that they offer a more limited resolution.

On the other hand, returning to its restrained size, we also find another very logical limitation: the size of the projection. There are models capable of projecting an image of 150 inches , but there are also other models that do not exceed 60 inches. Although, the idea of a pocket projector is to take advantage of its moderate size, so although the image size is a little smaller than in a traditional model, the versatility offered by the brand, and much the difference .

You can project a movie wherever you want


To begin with, the main advantage that we find in a mini projector over a larger model is precisely the size. Pocket projectors stand out for precisely being very portable. In this way, you can use this gadget to set up a cinema with your friends and loved ones while you enjoy a weekend camping, for example.

In addition, another of the most remarkable characteristics of this type of device has to do with its autonomy. And, the best pocket projectors have an internal battery . In this way, you will not need to connect it to the current, so the possibilities it offers are greatly expanded.

You will be able to project images anywhere and without the need for a plug . And beware, that the autonomy they offer is around 3 hours on average, more than enough to be able to watch any movie without problem. In addition, they usually have a microUSB or USB Type C charging port, so you can always use a large capacity external battery (we recommend a minimum of 10,000 mAh) to enjoy a marathon of movies and series without the autonomy being a problem.

Options to consider

So that you can choose the best options to consider if you want to buy a projector that fits in your pocket, we have prepared a complete compilation where you will find ten models that will more than meet your expectations. Say that we have made a compilation with models of different price ranges , so you can find the model that best suits your needs. Obviously, they have the characteristics that we recommend for a model of this type, so the user experience will be perfect. Without further ado, let’s see the options that we have selected for you.

Mini Toumei projector

Proyector mini Toumei 

We begin this compilation with the best mini projectors that fit in your pocket with a model that will surprise you with its performance. For starters, this projector has Android 7.1 , so you can access the complete catalog of applications and games available in the Google application store.

Are you an Apple user? Know that this pocket projector has support with AirPlay , so you can project the screen of your iPhone very easily. And seeing its attractive price, it is an excellent option to consider.

Mini yaufey projector

Proyector de bolsillo yaufey

Another excellent option to consider is this model from the manufacturer yaufey. A product that offers 150 ANSI lumens for a level of brightness that will not disappoint you at all. Add to that the fact that it boasts a battery with autonomy for two or three hours of use, and you have a very complete product.

Mini APEMAN projector

Proyector mini APEMAN 

Thirdly, we want to recommend this projector from APEMAN. The manufacturer is a benchmark when it comes to buying all kinds of products at a good price, and this model will more than meet your expectations. It comes with a 360 degree tripod!

Kodak Ultra Mini Projector

Proyector Kodak Ultra Mini

The well-known camera manufacturer has this Kodak Ultra Mini in its catalog, a pocket projector that offers great finishes, as well as being capable of projecting images in 1080p quality.

Mini OTHA projector

Proyector de bolsillo OTHA 

Another excellent option to consider is this projector from OTHA. A pocket model that works with Android and that is also capable of projecting images in Full HD quality.

Mini Artlii Mana projector

Proyector mini Artlii Mana

Continuing with this compilation of the best pocket projectors that you can buy, we did not want to miss the opportunity to recommend this model. A device that is capable of projecting a 120-inch screen so that you can set up a home theater wherever you want.

ViewSonic M1 mini projector

ViewSonic M1 mini

And what about this ViewSonic M1 mini, a small projector that boasts a unique design, in addition to having speakers signed by JBL to guarantee a scandal sound.

Crosstour Mini Projector

Crosstour Mini

And what about this Crosstour Mini projector, a product that boasts a battery capable of holding up to 4 hours of use. Also, if you connect an external battery, you can use it as long as you want.

Mini Vamvo L2600 projector

Proyector de bolsillo Vamvo L2600

We move on to one of the cheapest models you will find. And, this Vamvo L2600 has a demolition price, in addition to more than enough features to enjoy a quality mini projector for very little money.

Mini Artlii projector

Proyector mini Artlii 

We close this compilation with a model whose price is really adjusted. And seeing that it offers HD resolution, in addition to a perfect size to take it to your class presentations or at work, your purchase is a sure success.