Pluto TV vs Tivify: which offers more free TV channels?

With each passing day, more users decide to watch free television on their Smart TVs with Pluto TV or Tivify. In this way, they avoid having to tune their televisions. And not only this, but you can also watch free channels on other devices such as tablets or mobile phones. However, one of these two platforms has more channels, but which one has more?

Today we are going to see a comparison of which of the two best-known alternatives, Tivify or Pluto TV, offers more television channels for free to users. Therefore, every time you want to watch DTT, you can easily choose between both options.

Pluto TV vs Tivify

Tivify’s free channels

Let’s go first with Tivify, one of the first best-known alternatives among those users who do not want to resort to pay TV platforms or the classic DTT. In this case, it must be taken into account that this application offers us, totally free, the vast majority of digital terrestrial television channels . And they are not all, since the Mediaset channels are not included in the free version: Telecinco, Cuatro, FDF, Energy, Divinity, Be Mad and Boing.

In any case, with the free option, which includes advertising, we will have more than 150 free channels on Tivify . And only in the free plan, since we have to remember that the platform also has a plan called Tivify Plus, for 0.99 euros per month, which includes more channels and features; and the Tivify Premium plan, for 7.99 euros per month or 69.95 euros per year, which includes Mediaset channels and premium channels (AXN, AXN White, TNT, TCM, Calle 13, SYFY, Mezzo, Mezzo Live HD or CNN).


Pluto TV and its TV channels

Now, let’s go with the other alternative that we have also been talking about, Pluto TV. With the passage of time, this platform that offers free television channels has been adding more and more channels. Although, this time, it is below the content that Tivify is offering right now.

Basically, because within Paramount’s free streaming television service, we find around 131 free channels . So, we can see how the free option of Tivify outnumbers Pluto TV. In addition, among other details, we can also see how, being totally free, we will also find ads.

on demand pluto tv

So which one is better?

Both are good alternatives to watch free TV channels. Although, in this case, Tivify offers more free channels . However, they also have other big differences. As is the case that Pluto TV is more focused on other types of channels, such as those that only collect television or entertainment series. Like we will also have content on demand. However, if you were looking to watch Spanish television, we will not find the typical DTT channels such as La1, Telecinco, La Sexta, etc.

However, in the case of the free option of Tivify, it does bring together the classic DTT television channels in Spain , in addition to offering us other functions such as having access to the contents of the last 7 days of said channels, recording up to 60 hours content, among other options. Therefore, both platforms can be combined with each other depending on the free channel that we want to see.