PlayStation with Its Own Xbox Game Pass?

PlayStation with Its Own Xbox Game Pass

One of the great assets that Microsoft is exploiting with the launch of its consoles is the invitation to all users to try the Xbox Game Pass service. The Microsoft games library has thousands of users in love, and considering that the subscription also allows to receive the company’s new releases for free, the service becomes a kind of free buffet for video game lovers. But what does Sony think of this?

What if Sony released something similar?

PS Plus agosto 2020

The launch of PlayStation 5 around the world is leaving a lot of interventions by the CEO of Sony Interactive, Jim Ryan, so in the last days a series of quite interesting headlines are appearing, among them the last one that we are going to talk about today . And is that in an interview conducted by the TASS medium, the manager responded with a “there will be news” to the question of whether there was something planned to compete against Xbox Game Pass.

Previously, the manager threw balls out about the possibility that God of War was exclusive to PlayStation 5, but this time it seems that he has wanted to enter the cloth inviting to wait for future news. It is clear that Sony must be preparing something to counter the incredible and attractive proposal that Microsoft offers today, so we will see what idea they have in mind.

PS Plus Collection

PS Plus Collection

The first thing that comes to mind is obviously the PS Plus Collection. The new modality included in the subscription to PlayStation Plus allows owners of a PlayStation 5 who have a monthly subscription to access a catalog of exclusive PlayStation 4 games (and other non-exclusive ones) completely free of charge.

Xbox Game Pass

Currently the catalog offers a total of 20 different games, among which you can find gems such as Days Gone, God of War, Uncharted 4, among others, so it is placed as a very interesting option for users.

Stiff competition from Microsoft

Anyway, even taking into account the quality of some of the titles, the offer is impossible to compare if we take a look at the more than 200 games offered by Xbox Game Pass, a service that also offers access to xCloud if you have the Ultimate mode and access to EA Access.

PlayStation Now as attractive

Playstation Now

But Ryan seems to have his eyes elsewhere, or at least that is the impression he wants to give us, since, according to him, PlayStation Now is the current Xbox Game Pass rival. As the manager says, the service is available in a large number of markets, but the truth is that the idea is nothing like the Game Pass approach, and that’s what xCloud is for, which doesn’t work badly either.