PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Mockups at IKEA to Measure Furniture

The arrival of the new generation of consoles has brought many problems to many users. On the one hand, the need to have a 4K Smart TV, the requirements to play at 210 Hz, choose between versions with disc or without disc … and even with the living room furniture. That’s why IKEA wants to make things easier for you when choosing your furniture. And, who does not think about technology when decorating?

IKEA Furniture for PS5 and Xbox Series X

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X Mockups at IKEA

The size of the new consoles is quite large, especially if we talk about PlayStation 5, which hit the market with imposing dimensions that far exceeded everything known so far. Due to its size, many users have had to improvise at home on the place where to place the console, since, due to its measurements, they could not place it in the usual place.

More or less the same thing happened with Xbox Series X that, with a little more controlled dimensions, invites to place it vertically due to its design. This placement has also limited many users, who even knowing that they could place it horizontally, preferred to keep the console in its natural position, more imposing and perfect at the level of exterior design.

The amount of space problems that users are suffering is such that IKEA has wanted to make things easier for its customers, so that they can know perfectly which piece of furniture is perfectly compatible with the new consoles.

The IKEA models

With this premise, the Swedish company has placed in some of its centers cardboard models of the Sony and Microsoft consoles so that users can know at the moment which furniture is best for their consoles. IKEA is known for allowing you to feel and experience how its furniture feels with countless spaces mounted and decorated in the store so that you feel at home, in order to get an idea of how it will look at home.

So taking into account the popularity of consoles and the important elements that are in many rooms, they have decided to place some cardboard mockups so that customers can know where to place the device and in which furniture they will fit best.

Where can you find these mockups?

At the moment it seems an idea that is only available in some centers, since not all have these curious pieces of cardboard. Anyway, seeing the global need to know the measurements of the devices, the idea may be implanted in many more centers soon, so it is possible that you can find them in your nearest IKEA center sooner or later.