Playing Google Stadia on Xbox Series X and Series S, is it Possible?

Google Stadia will soon be compatible with the new Microsoft consoles . On Xbox Series X and Series S you will be able to access the Google streaming service. And it will be thanks to an update that should arrive soon. Are you interested in knowing more details? Well, we tell you everything you need to know.

Google Stadia on Xbox Series X / S

Google Stadia on Xbox Series X

At the moment you cannot enjoy Google Stadia on your Microsoft console , in any of them. Since there is no type of official application by Google that is approved and available in the Microsoft app store for Xbox.

In addition, taking into account the wide catalog of games that is available, it is even difficult to think that there would be users interested in accessing Google’s streaming game service. And we do not forget options like Xbox Game Pass and xCloud that also count.

Will I be able to play Google Stadia at some point on Xbox Series X / S

Xbox Series X analisis

The answer to whether you will be able to access Google Stadia from your Xbox Series X / S console is yes. And although we have seen before that the same does not make much sense if the available catalog is taken into account, the truth is that it never hurts to have more options.

Many of these new streaming gaming platforms are carrying out promotional actions in order to attract as many users as possible. Thus, if at some point they give away or make a title available to the courts on a temporary and completely pleasant basis, why not take advantage of it and play it on the big TV in the living room.

Google Stadia has shown that its streaming technology works very well and if you are going to play on top of it from home, where you will have a good internet connection, there is nothing that makes you want to miss out on these future leisure opportunities.

How to access Google Stadia from the new Xbox consoles

Nueva versión Microsoft Edge basada en Chromiun

Access to Google Stadia from the new Microsoft consoles will be done, as on other platforms, from a new version of the Edge browser that should arrive shortly. Thanks to the improvements and new functions that it will incorporate, it will allow not only access to Google Stadia but also give support to use the controls of the console without any problem.

At this time, users who are registered for Xbox betas have already been able to access this new version of the Edge browser and test how it works. Also, to compare Stadia a bit with xCloud, another advantage of Google’s option is that the streaming quality will be higher. Right now xCloud runs at 720p and they are testing 1080p, but Stadia’s video streaming reaches 4K resolution in certain games.

The more options the better

At this point, again you have to think that there will be many users who are not interested in Stadia at all. But also many others who are always interested in having the maximum number of options. And we are with the latter, in the end being able to choose what is best for us is good.

In addition, the new version of Edge will also allow access to other streaming services and that is also very interesting in terms of the entertainment capabilities of the console.