How to Play on a Local Network by Wi-Fi with Guarantees

It is very common to play online. Today we can participate in games people from different places, different countries, without major problems. However, it is also possible that we want to play online within the same house. In other words, this means that several users will be connected to the same router. Normally, we do this by cable, but we already know that wireless is gaining more and more weight. In this article, we are going to give you some tips for playing games on a local area network over Wi-Fi .

Tips for Wi-Fi Networking

Although wireless networks offer us a very wide range of possibilities, the truth is that they also pose a problem when looking at speed or stability. This when playing online is essential. For example, latency can cause games not to be as they should be.

Play on a Local Network by Wi-Fi

Therefore it is interesting to take measures to avoid this type of problem. The idea is to be able to connect equipment within the same network and play over Wi-Fi as if we were doing it by cable. We are going to see some options that we can use and tips that we can apply to minimize problems and make us play as well as possible.

Set up the network correctly

Something basic will be to correctly configure the network . It is important that we open possible ports that are necessary for a better operation, that we have that secure network and also explore the possibility of creating a guest network.

Normally, our router is dual band. It is true that the band that offers the most speed is 5 GHz. Now, is it ideal for playing on the Internet? Surely if we are going to organize a game with friends and family we cannot all connect near the router. Some may even be in another room. This means that the 2.4 GHz band will offer more stability and a longer range. But this will depend on the circumstances, ultimately.

It will also be important to choose the channel to which we connect. This will depend on where we are, if there are many neighbors who may be using the same channel. When changing to another channel we can have a higher speed and better stability. It is a matter of analyzing our situation and seeing if it is necessary or not.

Diferencias entre 2.4 y 5 GHz

Find the best position

Something complementary is to find a good position for the router . Whenever possible, the ideal is that you are in the area from where we are going to play. Do we have the possibility of changing the room? It is interesting that the distance to the devices is as short as possible. In this way we will not only maintain speed, but also low latency.

The interesting thing is that the router is in an elevated position, to better distribute the signal, as well as away from other appliances that may interfere. If we are going to connect from different rooms, it is in a central position, so that it distributes the wireless signal equally.

Improve weak signal

It is very common to find the problem that the wireless signal arrives weak. It may happen that the distance to the router is too great and the speed is not good. But we can easily solve this and it is very important that we do it if we want to play online with guarantees.

There are many devices that we can use to amplify the signal. We can make use of PLCs, network extenders, repeaters, Wi-Fi Mesh systems … The idea is that the wireless signal reaches the different points of our home from where we are going to connect as best as possible.

Concentrate the signal

To play on the Internet in groups connected to the same router it is important that the connection is concentrated. That is to say, it is necessary to avoid, for example, that other equipment is downloading data at the same time.

What we are going to achieve with this is that the Internet speed, the quality of the signal, is the best possible.