Play Netflix in 4K HDR on Mac: Only Available on Select Models

In full expansion of 4K content, Netflix is one of the platforms that offers content in this quality. However, it is curious how some Apple Mac computers are not capable of playing this type of content. With the future arrival of macOS Big Sur it was hoped that they could do it, but as seen in the betas not everyone has been able to. Now, thanks to a report by Apple Term , it has been possible to know what is the reason for this and which equipment is compatible.

Mac with T2 chip equals Netflix in 4K HDR

T2 is the name given to silicon chips designed and manufactured by Apple and which, among other things, serve to keep computer data safe. Unfortunately, not many Macs have the T2 chip and it is not possible to implement it in those that do not have it. In the aforementioned Apple Term page it has been detailed that only Apple computers that have this chip will be able to play Netflix content in its maximum resolution.

Play Netflix in 4K HDR on Mac

Although there are computers from other brands that do not have this chip, in them it is possible to reproduce the content in this resolution so it is strange that Apple thus limits this feature in its ecosystem. From MacRumors they maintain a theory that seems to be on the right track and that is that Apple could have limited this functionality to ensure the efficiency of older Macs . We recall that there are many computers prior to T2 that will be able to upgrade to Big Sur, so perhaps its components would not be sufficiently prepared to manage the high resolution energy.

YouTube is also causing problems

Interestingly, YouTube has also had its highest resolutions limited on Apple computers for years. Being able to watch a 4K video from the iPhone or Apple TV app was unthinkable until recently, however with the arrival of new operating systems it was expected that this compatibility would finally arrive. And it is true that in the betas of iOS 14, iPadOS 14 and tvOS 14 this possibility appeared, however it disappeared with the launch of the final versions. In fact today the maximum resolution is 1,080p.

Videos de YouTube en tu iPhone

It is true that the 1080p content is already of excellent quality and on rare occasions it can be said that it looks bad, but having devices capable of reproducing in a higher resolution it is even absurd that it cannot be done on the main video platform in the world . Apple has already enabled the necessary codecs for this, so we do not understand what could have happened on the way. Therefore, we must be attentive to future updates either of the operating system or of the applications themselves.