How to Play a Sound by Pressing Caps Lock or Num Lock

Every time we sit in front of a computer, at the same time we make use of many additional components that work with it. With this we mean elements of the importance of the screen , the mouse, the keyboard, the printer, the USB sticks, etc.

All this, together, makes the user experience as comfortable as it is productive, possible. That is why on many occasions, more if we spend many hours sitting in front of the computer, we are interested in investing a little more in these peripherals , in addition to the PC as such. And it is that as most of you will know, we spend a good part of our time making almost continuous use of products of the importance of the mouse and keyboard.

Play a Sound by Pressing Caps Lock or Num Lock

In fact, in these same lines we are going to focus on this second, essential input peripheral for most when using the computer. There are some who type faster, others slower, in addition to the fact that each one prefers one format or type of keyboard , to another. But be that as it may, the basic function of all of them is practically the same. That is why being able to use this element in the best way is very important.

At the same time there are users who are fully capable of typing without looking at the peripheral, and others who have to look at the keys almost continuously. With everything and with it, both methods of writing on the PC can lead us to errors, something habitual at the same time as annoying in most cases.

What are the Caps Lock and Numeric Lock keys for?

These, among other reasons, can be caused by unwanted pulsations, for example. In addition, many failures that we are talking about, are caused by two keys that often create certain controversies on many occasions. Specifically we refer to the Caps Lock keys, the Numeric Lock .

Bloqueo numérico

These are two keys that we find in most of the keyboards that we use today and that vary the behavior of the keyboard as such. Depending on whether they are active or not, we write, on the one hand, in upper or lower case continuously. Similarly, we can also use the Numeric Lock for those cases in which we need to enter numbers constantly.

That is why, as you can imagine, these lock keys are very important when trying to avoid errors when typing on the computer . This is something that is especially evident in the case that we write looking directly at the screen. Well, while sometimes these two keys have a luminous led, that is not the most common. And it is sure that many of us have happened that we wanted to use the numerical keyboard believing that it was activated, and we changed positions when pressing one of the cursors.

We tell you all this because more times than we would like, we can activate or deactivate these two lock keys without realizing it. In this way, when using them improperly, we get a surprise that can be translated into error.

How to activate a sound for the lock keys

It is true that this cannot be considered a serious problem , but it is also true that it can be somewhat annoying. Therefore, we are going to tell you that we have the possibility of solving this in a very simple way. To start we will tell you that this is something we achieved from the Windows 10 Settings application.

Configuración teclado

Specifically, what we are going to achieve is to have an audible warning to know when we have accidentally touched one of those two keys. In this way we will know that the new keyboard behavior has been activated, so that we can take it into account immediately. It is worth mentioning that achieving this that we discussed in Windows 10 is very easy, let’s see how to do it. The key to all this we will find in the so-called toggle keys that the operating system proposes.

In fact, this is what Microsoft calls them, which includes the Caps Lock, the Numeric Lock and the Scroll Lock . Say that the sound functionality that we are talking about, is initially disabled by default. Therefore, below we will explain how we can activate it in a simple way. As we have mentioned before, this is something that we will achieve from the Configuration application, which we access from the key combination, Win + I, for example.

Access toggle key settings in Windows

Well, once we find the Configuration application window, in this case we opted to click on the option called Accessibility. On the left side of this section, we also find a series of sections, so we find the one that indicates Keyboard.

Teclado Configuración

Once we have located ourselves in the Accessibility section that we mentioned, in the right panel we will see what we are looking for. Specifically, we see a section that says Alternation Keys. Therefore, at this point, to say that the only thing we have to do here is activate the Toggle Keys control. From that moment, as we can already see, a sound will be played both when activating and deactivating some of the three commented keys . It is true that the warning sound that is emitted is not particularly pleasant. But of course, the goal of all this is to get our attention, both in activation and deactivation.

Teclas alternancia

In this way, as we see, Windows 10 allows us to make use of this useful function quickly and easily. In this way and just by activating in control that we have shown you, we will no longer have unpleasant surprises related to the Caps Lock keys and the Num Lock on a daily basis with the computer.