Pixel 8 Pro vs. OnePlus 12: Which Smartphone Has the Best Camera?

Google’s cameras, the mainly those on the Pixel 8 Pro, have been known for their greatness and they are better than phones from other companies. Nevertheless, a recent contrast with the OnePlus 12 which is famous for its Hasselblad partnership shows that OnePlus has also some good things.

Tom’s Guide performed a thorough review, and they took 200 photos to test the camera abilities of both phones in 10 categories. The Pixel 8 Pro was the ultimate winner, but the OnePlus 12 managed to stand its ground in some aspects.


Key Comparison Categories

The review analyzed the following 10 sections:The review analyzed the following 10 sections:

Main Camera

Ultra-Wide Angle

Dynamic Range

Color Reproduction




5x Zoom


Low Light

Main Camera Performance

Daytime Photography:

Both phones are great in their performance, they give a good level of detail and texture representation without overexposure.

The Pixel 8 Pro gives a little brighter images.

Nighttime Photography:

The Pixel 8 Pro is the undisputed champion which gives you realistic images with great detail.

The OnePlus 12 fails to show the yellowish tones and details properly.

Ultra-Wide Angle and Dynamic Range

Ultra-Wide Angle:

The same performance at night as well with the Pixel 8 Pro having a slightly wider field of view.

Dynamic Range:

OnePlus 12 is the best, as it has more exposure and better light-shadow contrasts.

Pixel 8 Pro is more detailed, particularly when zooming, but OnePlus 12 has better dynamic range.

The Color Reproduction and Macro Mode are the features of this digital camera.

Color Reproduction:

Pixel 8 Pro attains a perfect compromise between the realistic effect and colorfulness.

The OnePlus 12’s improvement of shadows makes the dark tones look less bright.

Macro Mode:

Both are good at capturing detail, but the OnePlus 12 is better when zoomed in which means it is more suitable for close-up shots.

Selfie and Portrait Mode


Pixel 8 Pro’s front camera takes brighter photos with clearer textures.

Portrait Mode:

Both phones are good at blurring the background, but the Pixel 8 Pro’s images are sharper.

Zoom and Panoramic Shots

5x Zoom:

OnePlus 12 is better at keeping the detail, though Pixel 8 Pro gives a higher color quality.

Panoramic Mode:

Pixel 8 Pro is the front runner in detail and sharpness, but the variations are trivial.

Conclusion: Pixel 8 Pro is the winner.

In the comprehensive analysis by Tom’s Guide, the Google Pixel 8 Pro emerged victorious in 7 out of the 10 categories: The main camera, the ultra-wide angle, color reproduction, selfie mode and portrait among others are some of the features of this phone that it boasts. Which is why, it becomes the more versatile camera phone than the OnePlus 12.

Final Thoughts

Even though the OnePlus 12 has many advantages, for instance in dynamic range and macro photography, the Pixel 8 Pro gives a more constant and better photographic experience. Taking into account its performance and the worth it provides, Pixel 8 Pro is now one of the best options for smartphone photography.