How to Enable NVIDIA RTX Video on Firefox for Enhanced Video Quality

Firefox, the open-source browser that is often behind Chrome and Edge has now incorporated NVIDIA‘s RTX Video feature. This unique feature, which at first was only available for Chrome and Edge a year ago, is based on Artificial Intelligence to upscale low-resolution videos, thus giving the users better video quality from their browsers.

What is the NVIDIA RTX Video Feature?

The RTX Video feature of NVIDIA uses AI to enhance the quality of low-resolution videos. It is compatible only with NVIDIA RTX 30 and higher graphics cards, this technology improves video quality and detail making it a good for people who watch online videos a lot. Given that over 90% of internet video content is available in the 1080p resolution or lower, this feature can greatly enhance the viewing experience for a great number of people.

What is the procedure of activating RTX Video in Firefox?

To utilize RTX Video in Firefox, make sure that your browser is updated to version 126. Here’s a quick guide to get started:Here’s a quick guide to get started:

Update Firefox: Go to the configuration options and change your browser to the new version.

Check Graphics Card Compatibility: Make sure you have an NVIDIA RTX 30 or RTX 40 graphics card.

Enable the Feature: A button will be shown at the bottom of the video player when you watch a video. Activate the RTX Video function by pressing it.

How RTX Video Works

RTX Video uses deep learning to upscale the video resolution. The AI watches the video, anticipates how it will look in higher resolution and then uses an algorithm to combo the original image with the enhanced one resulting is a sharper and more detailed video. Besides, it can change SDR videos to HDR10 and thus improve the general view quality.

Procedures to Enable RTX Video in Windows

To ensure RTX Video functions properly in your browser (Firefox, Chrome, or Edge), follow these steps:To ensure RTX Video functions properly in your browser (Firefox, Chrome, or Edge), follow these steps:

Update NVIDIA Drivers: Install the newest NVIDIA driver that is suitable for your graphics card.

Enable HDR in Windows:

  1. Go to Settings > Display.
  2. Switch the HDR off.
  3. Configure NVIDIA Control Panel:
  4. Open the NVIDIA Control Panel.
  5. Go to Video Image Settings > RTX Enhancement.
  6. Implement the Super Resolution and High Dynamic Range features.

Limitations and Requirements

Graphics Card: The only cards that are supported by AudioLine VR 4K are the ones of NVIDIA RTX 30 and RTX 40 series. RTX 20 or the earlier series are not compatible.

Browser Version: Be sure that your browser (Firefox, Chrome, or Edge) is updated to the newest version so you can use this feature.


The RTX Video of NVIDIA which is integrated into Firefox stands for a big step forward in video quality to the users. This feature is a result of the AI technology that helps to increase the resolution of video and also adds HDR support which makes it better for users who watch online content. Upgrade your browser and NVIDIA drivers now to start watching the highest quality videos without any interruption.