Pinterest Will Introduce the Possibility of Creating Events and Online Courses

Pinterest seems to want to go beyond being the site where users seek inspiration on a wide variety of topics. For this reason, the platform takes a step forward to also become a place to hold online events and carry out specialized courses .

From inspiration to learning


If we compare Pinterest with other networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok, it is clear that it does not generate the same traffic nor does it have the same mass of users. Still, this is one of the most important social networks and one of the places that millions of users turn to when it comes to seeking inspiration on a wide variety of topics , from those related to the world of fashion to crafts, recipes kitchen, etc.

The reason for this is none other than that image-based search that we have already talked about and that in a very visual way returns you results related to your query. In this way, it can become one of those online sites where it is easy to get lost and end up seeing more and more images on the subject that interests you at that time.

However, the platform wants to go a step further and it seems that everything experienced during the first months of the confinement caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has only accelerated and made them see that there is business in the whole issue related to online events and training.

During these months they have seen how traffic soared, achieving a record increase in visits and income that comfortably exceeded the expectations that had initially been raised. Hence, seen what has been seen, this new incursion makes a lot of sense that without being officially presented we already know something else again thanks to the work of Jane Manchun Wong, an engineer who has discovered many characteristics of this and other current social networks.

Well, what Pinterest seems to be preparing is the possibility of organizing online events and courses . These courses will be created by the platform’s own creators and will allow things like following the classes online, adding photos, notes and viewing additional content. That as something basic, logically there will also be options to make both individual and group chats, the latter is interesting to optimize time.

In addition, Pinterest also seems to create improved boards so that these courses that are organized within the platform are much clearer for the user who chooses to train with them.

New rival for platforms like Skillshare, Platzi, Domestika and more

What Pinterest proposes is still something quite striking, because if it is a place where you can create boards to pin everything that interests you or look for that inspiration you need, now it would be a new rival for well-established online training platforms such as Skillshare , Platzi, Domestika and some other more.

Will this new adventure go well or not? Well, the truth is that we do not know, because everything will depend on the results obtained by users interested in giving online training. There will be the key, although for that it is necessary that everything is officially confirmed and presented as it should.

But if you are a fan user of Pinterest and you are also interested in training as a teacher or student , pay attention to these movements that they are preparing.