PayPal Two-Step Authentication – How to Activate and What It Is for

Keeping our accounts protected is something very important and that we must always keep in mind. We must have good passwords, use official programs to avoid intruders and, also, have the equipment always updated and safe. However, the services that we use in our day to day have some added options that are very useful to add an extra layer of protection. We are going to explain how to activate two-step authentication in PayPal , a widely used online payment platform.

The password is not enough to protect PayPal

We should always use passwords that are strong and complex , that keep hackers out and keep accounts protected. This is something that we must apply to any online registration, regardless of whether it is simply a page to write in a forum or a platform to make a purchase.

PayPal Two-Step Authentication - How to Activate

Now, when it comes to a service such as PayPal , where we are going to link a bank account, where we are going to make payments, all this is even more important. We must maintain security at all times and not leave any loose ends.

However, although the password is the main security barrier to prevent intruders, it is not enough. There may be leaks, be victims of malware such as keyloggers, Phishing attacks … Cybercriminals can use a wide variety of methods to steal these keys and access our account.

Therefore, beyond a good password we also have to protect our devices . Having security programs, keeping them updated … And yes, also using certain functions that the services we use themselves have available to users. One of those options is two-step authentication.

It basically consists of a second step that we must take to log in. It is usually an SMS that we receive on our mobile, a code through an application, email, etc. One more way to verify that we are the legitimate user of that account and that it is not an intruder.

In this way, if for whatever reason our password is stolen, the attacker will need a second step to enter. It’s going to require that code, that multiple factor authentication. This way we can further protect our PayPal account.

Steps to activate 2FA in PayPal

There are more and more platforms that allow you to activate two-step authentication and of course PayPal is one of them. It is a service widely used to make payments over the Internet and this makes users need to maintain security at the highest level.

To activate 2FA in PayPal, the first thing to do is log in. Then you have to go to Settings and then enter the Security Center section. There we will find different options related to the protection of the account. We can change the password, manage the login or, what interests us most in our case, enable multi-factor authentication.

Verificación en dos pasos en PayPal

It is the second option that we will find in the Security Center section. Once we click, it will take us to a new window where it will give us to choose between two options: receive a code by text message or use an authentication application.

Configurar la autenticación en dos pasos en PayPal

Users usually choose to receive an SMS as an authentication code. We have seen at times how this could be a security issue in certain circumstances where the attacker can gain access. This makes the ideal, at least to further increase reliability, to use a specific application. However, whatever option we choose, we have to click on Configure.

If you choose the text message option, it will ask us for our phone number and the country code. It will be to that number that they will send us the code to be able to log into our PayPal account.

2FA por SMS en PayPal

If we choose the second option we will have to have an application downloaded on our mobile. For example we can use Google Authenticator or Microsoft Authenticator. There are other different ones. We must always download them from official sources and thus avoid problems that affect security.

Tips to protect your PayPal account

Beyond what we have talked about the password and the importance of activating two-step authentication in PayPal, we also want to give some tips to be able to protect our account as much as possible and avoid security problems.

Always use official apps

Something very important to use PayPal, as well as any other similar service, is to always use applications that are official . It is true that sometimes we may come across the option of installing an additional program, from a third party, that offers new functions and features. However, we do not know if it could be a risk to our security, if it could have vulnerabilities, etc. It is advisable to always use official software and download it from major sites.

Keep systems safe

Of course we must also keep operating systems protected . For this we can make use of antivirus, firewall and other tools. All this can prevent the entry of intruders, malicious software, and reduce the risk that they can access our accounts.

We can have both free and paid security programs. It is something that we must apply at all times, no matter what type of device we are using.

Update equipment and programs

Another issue to take into account is to keep the equipment properly updated. Security flaws and vulnerabilities can arise, which can be exploited by cybercriminals. Hence, it is necessary to have all the patches and always have the systems updated correctly.

Common sense

But if there is something important, it is common sense . Most attacks will require user interaction. They will require downloading a malicious program, opening a file, or clicking a link. An example is Phishing attacks, which could steal our PayPal passwords. To avoid this, we must reduce the mistakes that we can make.

In short, by following these steps we can activate multi-factor authentication in PayPal. We have explained the importance of carrying out this action and we have also given some tips to keep security properly protected at all times.