Pay less electricity and you will not overheat your computer

Depending on what we are going to demand from our computer, sometimes we make intensive use of it to carry out certain tasks that take a lot of time and effort. This can have a negative impact on the processor of this and other components, not to mention the energy consumption and the cost of light that all this can entail, but Throttlestop will help us.

Pay less electricity and you will not overheat your computer

That is why many users opt for trying to alleviate these inconveniences that we are mentioning, lowering the performance or work of the team. But this is not always a possible solution or at least it is not the most recommended. More if we are forced to carry out these intensive tasks with our PC. Therefore, if what you are looking for is to reduce the use of the computer’s processor, improve its autonomy if it is portable , while saving electricity, we are going to give you an interesting software solution.

Specifically, we will talk about a very useful application for these tasks that is responsible for significantly reducing the energy consumption of the processor . This is something that becomes especially interesting if we make, as we say, intensive use of our computer. Obviously this translates into some positive aspects in our day to day with the PC. This reduced energy consumption that we are talking about will allow us to increase autonomy if our equipment is portable, in addition to saving electricity at home if we have the computer connected to the electrical network, which is usual.

In turn, we managed to improve the health and duration of the computer’s CPU because, thanks to this application that we will talk about, we avoid overheating in the component.

How ThrottleStop helps you save electricity when using your PC

To give you a better idea of everything we are talking about here, we are going to focus on the program called ThrottleStop. Actually, it is an application that is responsible for reducing the workload and therefore the energy consumption of the computer’s processor. It is true that here we can carry out other tasks related to this important hardware component, but what interests us here is to reduce its performance, avoid overheating and increase autonomy . For all this we will have to follow a series of important steps and adjust certain parameters of the program.

ThrottleStop principal

Among these we find that we will have to disable the turbo , which guarantees that none of the CPU cores work faster than they should. We also find the function called BD Prochot. This is a security feature that we must activate and that regulates the processor when the computer overheats internally. Keep in mind that as a general rule this safety throttling is activated when the CPU reaches 100 degrees.

But with this option enabled, the CPU slows down even when the GPU gets hot. As you can imagine, all this will allow us to reduce the use of the processor while improving the autonomy of the laptop. Likewise, and for the tasks that concern us here, in ThrottleStop we should activate Speed Shift. This feature helps the CPU respond more quickly to software-set clock speed changes.

ThrottleStop opciones

Finally, we recommend using the C1E feature. It will be of great help to us when it comes to saving energy when we are short of battery. This is accomplished because Throttlestop automatically shuts down processor cores if they are not needed.