How to pair your Media Remote with PS5 to use the console as a media center

Remote controls for consoles for multimedia purposes are not new to the latest machines that have hit the market. PlayStation 2 and Xbox, the original model, had theirs in full swing of the DVD format that allowed homes to make the leap to the digital world after years of analog VHS, Betamax, etc. tapes. So Sony, faithful to that custom, has not hesitated to accompany its PS5 with a brand new Media Remote that you have been selling since November 2020.

A complement that will take care of your DualSense

pair your Media Remote with PS5 to use the console as a media center

You will think that why do you need a remote control to manage the multimedia activity of your console if you already have a DualSense that comes in the pack and, surely, you are absolutely right. But if you want to save your gamepad a few thousand keystrokes over its lifetime by accessing Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and any other platform in a faster and more intuitive way – just like you would from a TV – then this Media Remote becomes a must.

With it, you will not only have direct access to the main streaming platforms, but you will also be able to control playback with its pause/play controls and rewind back and forth, navigate through the menus, access secondary functions, and that without having to the crosshead to move through the menus, click on the center to accept options and access to increase and decrease the volume, mute the audio, activate the microphone and switch the television input. That, without forgetting the famous PS (PlayStation) button that will show us the PS5 interface menu .

So you have decided to buy it this Christmas and you already have it at home, so it’s time to take it out of the box, put the batteries that come in the box and start the pairing process. Do you know how to do it? That is just what we are going to do now. Thanks to a few small and simple steps.

Pair your Media Remote with PS5

You already have the remote in your hand, with the batteries overflowing and not being very clear about the next steps, so do the following:

  • Turn on your console as usual, by pressing the PS button on the Dual Sense.
  • When it boots up, you go to the Settings menu.
  • Then look for the Accessories option.
  • From the list that will appear, select the Media Remote .
  • Right after that select Configure Media Remote .
  • At that moment, the console will search for the remote control, but in order for it to detect it, we must first press the PS + Option buttons at the same time.
  • Your new Media Remote will appear on the screen, so keep pressing and accepting each question that your PS5 throws at you to complete the entire process.

From that moment, with the control already paired, you will be able to:

  • Turn on the console from the Media Remote by pressing the PS button.
  • Move through the menus to launch any multimedia application, especially with a single click thanks to the shortcuts for Netflix, Disney +, Prime Video and Spotify.
  • Search content on any streaming platform.
  • Volume up and down.
  • Change the source of the Smart TV.
  • Turn off PS5 again.