Demigod: Do you know the game that lost the battle against League of Legends?

There are titles that are ahead of their time and that fail, showing the same ideas of other developments that later transcend into the history of video games. This is the case of Demigod, a title programmed by an illustrious studio from the first years of the century but which was relegated very soon. If you want to rediscover it, now you have a perfect opportunity to pay a well-deserved tribute to it on your PC.

A MOBA in capital letters


Now everyone understands what a DOTA concept is. You know, that mix of strategy and combat invented by the geniuses who, based on a map from Blizzard’s mythical Warcraft III , practically conceived a new genre that has remained present to this day in franchises like League of Legends or the game itself. DOTA 2 , which in 2023 will celebrate a decade of uninterrupted success.

But at the end of the first decade of the 2000s, a studio with a lot of tradition, Gas Powered Games, authors of great classics such as Dungeon Siege , Supreme Commander or Space Siege, were encouraged to improve what existed within that genre known as MOBA : a map of limited dimensions with roads (lanes) that force us to fight face to face against the enemy, a faction that we manage commanded by a demigod and a series of key points that must be conquered by losing units over and over again to gain influence on the game board.

The idea was revolutionary at the time because it was clearly perfect for use in an online, multiplayer, PvP environment which unfortunately was not yet the norm at the time. And the truth is that playing against the machine was not the same.


The demigods enter the scene

One of the characteristics of this Demigod is that our side, at a specific moment and after meeting several requirements, could summon some celestial creatures that were capable of unbalancing the battle by clearing a lane and making our way to the enemy base that was, finally. and after all, the ultimate goal of all combat. An approach identical to that of a League of Legends that also hit the market in that same year 2009.

It is curious to remember now how similar both approaches were and how quickly it became clear that the Riot title would prevail, despite the many shortcomings it showed in its first versions. League of Legends in those days was not the game we have now, but even so, it was enough to leave serious contenders like Demigod in the gutter.

If you are fish tankers and you want to experiment with a very good and very well done MOBA, limited and now practically without online, you still have the possibility to do it thanks to Steam, which keeps it active in its store at a price of 11.99 euros , for so you can compare what League of Legends is currently and what this Demigod could have been if he had been lucky enough to have the Riot title.

And it is that examples like those of this Demigod confirm that ideas often do not guarantee success. Luck and being at the right time in the market are everything. Don’t you think?