Otterbox Xbox Mobile Gaming Clip Compatible with iPhone MagSafe

Otterbox Xbox Mobile Gaming Clip Compatible with iPhone MagSafe

Otterbox has launched the accessory that any iPhone 12 user with a MagSafe connector should have if, in addition, they are fond of mobile video games or use streaming game services such as xCloud and want to enjoy them much more together with the use of a gamepad like the Xbox one .

The new clip for gamers on iPhone uses MagSafe

It has cost, we are not going to deny it, but in recent months the truth is that the number of new accessories compatible with MagSafe has grown significantly and this particular magnetic connection of the iPhone 12 can now be more useful. Also to future models that integrate it and even to those that have MagSafe added artificially through covers or magnetized stickers.

Well, after those batteries compatible with MagSafe and many other accessories, now comes a new Otterbox accessory that for fans of mobile games and in particular all that they enjoy on their iPhone and can make use of a gamepad. like. It is the classic clip to be able to place on the Xbox controller and then hold the phone. The difference here is in how you do it.

Instead of the usual solutions, which we are used to and will continue to be the norm because not all phones have a MagSafe or equivalent (as is the case with Realme with its newly introduced MagDart), there is no type of clamp. to hold the phone but magnets.

In this way, once you place it on the Xbox controller, you can fully adjust both the angle and inclination of the phone with respect to the controller, thus improving the gaming experience since no matter how you hold it, you can see the screen perfectly. Or that, at least, is the idea that Otterbox is pursuing with this new product.

As an extra and interesting fact, this new clip can also be used independently of the remote control as if it were a support to place the phone on a table or any other surface. Something that can be useful when you go to watch a video or when you want to play as if you were doing it on an external screen and have greater mobility with the controller. For example, interesting for games where you end up moving the walk a lot because it is a game with a high level of action.

A practical support, but with a somewhat high price

MagSafe accessories are not cheap to say the least. We are not going to say that they are not worth it and that they have a higher level of “complexity” than other more classic ones with their respective systems of clamps, etc. The problem is that this extra price can weigh and make many end up not betting on them. Especially if they do not see a high profit first.

For the new iPhone clip with MagSafe and Xbox controller, the price is $ 39.95 . If at that price you have to add that of the Xbox controller, because you still do not have one, because compared to other options the total shoots up a bit. If you are clear that it gives you many advantages (something that surely happens for many) it will compensate in the long run, but at first it is striking, practical, but less attractive for the price.