Map of Zelda in Street View: the Website Allows You to Travel Through Hyrule

Map of Zelda in Street View

The imagination and passion of some users reaches such a level that they will never cease to amaze us with their homemade creations. The latest thing related to the universe of Zelda and the fantastic Breath of The Wild , is this virtual walk through many of the locations of the game, so that anyone interested can take a look at any corner of Hyrule without leaving home without entering the game.

Zelda’s Street View

Zelda Street View

Nassim is a programmer with several interesting projects behind him, however, the last of them has managed to capture the attention of many users. The reason is none other than the use of the Zelda universe, a claim more than justified to attract a legion of fans. But far from being a simple hook, in reality its tool is tremendously attractive, since it teleports us to the world of Hyrule from Breath of The Wild with the possibility of reviewing every corner of the map in total detail.

A universe of captures

Zelda Breath of the wild

To achieve this, the creator thought of creating a completely passable world as a free camera, allowing the enjoyment of perfectly navigable three-dimensional elements. The problem with this method is that to achieve it you would need to use the original resources of the game, and we already know how Nintendo spends them in those cases (it does not hesitate to bring down the project, no matter how popular and harmless it may be)


So the only option left was to take screenshots. By manually capturing in-game captures, he could use them to stitch them together and create spherical environments in true Google Street View style , and that’s just what he did.

A pretty complicated job

At first, you may think that taking screenshots and joining them with software is something quite simple to do, but the truth is that it hides a tremendous complexity that could end anyone’s patience. And that luckily found the Pannellum software , a program developed in HTML5 and javascript that would allow you to publish images in the style of Street view on your website.

But the main problem was in making the captures. In The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild we enjoy a third-person camera, and only when we use the photography mode can we see a first-person camera, without forgetting all the interface elements that float across the screen.

For this reason, Nassim decided to use the Cemu emulator, which with a series of plugins allows us to deactivate elements of the interface to our liking and, in addition, to control climate change so that it remains constant and does not annoy the process of taking screenshots (yes in one capture it is sunny and in another cloudy the result will be disastrous).

Move around the best corners of Hyrule

Zelda Street View Hyrule

With all the pieces assembled, all that remained was to complete the puzzle. And that is what our protagonist has done with the web zeldabotwstreetview, where we can navigate through an interactive map selecting the locations that we want to see in 360 degrees. Its creator has included a form in which users can request future updates with specific points on the map that have yet to be represented, so if you want a special one to appear, you can ask for it.