Orient your photos in Photoshop: different ways to rotate an image

At this point Adobe Photoshop is a photo editor that needs no introduction for most. It is the most used proposal in the sector thanks to all the functions and characteristics that it presents us. In addition to being for the professional market, this is a program that is also focused on the novice user in these tasks since it offers us many facilities.

It is true that those who want to get the most out of the application have the possibility of carrying out authentic wonders in Photoshop. That is precisely why a good part of the professionals in the sector use this software to shape their projects. But at the same time the head of it, we are talking about the giant Adobe, also wants to focus on inexperienced users.

Orient your photos in Photoshop

We cannot forget that, to achieve striking and interesting goals in the photo editing sector , patience is a key element. But most of the time, many users don’t want the hassle and need basic touch-ups that can be done quickly. A clear example of all this is found when it comes to rotating the images loaded in the program based on what we need. We must bear in mind that the only thing we are looking for is to adapt that photo to our requirements, for example, to share it on social networks.

We tell you all this because the powerful Adobe Photoshop also offers us some interesting functions related to basic work . Although rotating an image is not complicated at all in most programs, this proposal allows us to customize this treatment to the maximum and in a simple way. We will talk about all of this below so that you can get an idea of what you can do in this case.

Control image rotation in Photoshop

It is true that we can carry out this type of treatment in a simple way with any image that we load in the program. In this way we can change the orientation of the photo and adapt it to what we need at that moment. If we don’t want to complicate ourselves, the best thing we can do is go to the Image / Image rotation menu option.

rotar Photoshop

In this way we will have the possibility to use some of the default settings when rotating a photo here. Thus, we can flip the image horizontally or vertically completely. In the same way we can rotate it 180 degrees , or 90 degrees towards any of its directions. In most cases, these changes will be more than enough to adapt that image to what we need before sharing or saving it.

But with everything and with it, it may be the case that we need to adjust this rotation method that we are talking about to the maximum . Specifically, we refer to the possibility of establishing exactly the degrees to the right or left that we want to rotate that photograph. How could it be otherwise, a program of the caliber of Adobe Photoshop does not raise any objections in this regard. For this we will have to place ourselves in the option called Arbitrary .

arbitraria Photoshop

In the small window that appears on the screen, we will only have to specify the direction of the rotation and establish the degrees that we want to rotate the image in Photoshop. This is a change that we can make as many times as we want until we achieve the required aspect.