How to organize the image gallery on Samsung mobiles

Mobile devices are tools with which we can do practically everything. One of the actions that users of a phone practice is to collect hundreds of photos and videos within the gallery of their smartphone. This is why, when the time comes, finding the image we want will be almost like an impossible mission.

organize the image gallery on Samsung mobiles

Luckily, if you have a Samsung mobile, you will have the opportunity to organize this folder in your own way. So that, in this way, it does not take a world to find the photo or video that you wanted to see so much. Therefore, if in your case you have thousands of multimedia files stored on your mobile from the South Korean firm, these will be all the characteristics or settings that you should take into account from now on.

Sort the photos

The One UI image gallery will offer us a good margin of maneuver when it comes to putting a certain organization to the different folders on the reel. Specifically, we can order those documents that are called albums. It will even allow us to classify these folders to a certain extent through different filters that we will see later.

Galería Samsung Galaxy

Pay attention, because these are some of the many options that we will have at our fingertips within the configuration of the Gallery application of the Galaxy smartphone. For this reason, we are going to give you different methods that will allow you to have the multimedia files that you want more at hand, without having to spend all the time in the world searching for them.

Change the view

One of the ways to give it another organization more in line with our tastes will be by changing the view. To do this, we will have two possible ways, since it will depend on which version of Android and One UI we have on our Samsung mobile device. Therefore, we must first try to slide with the finger from right to left and, also, you can try to pinch with two fingers to show more or fewer photos. But, if this has not worked for you, you will have to enter any album , press and slide to the right to change the visualization.

Choose the filter

An option that we may not find on all smartphones, but from which we have benefited from One UI for several generations, is the one that allows us to modify the order of the albums. To do this, we will only have to enter the reel and touch on the three points. Finally, we will have to click on the option called Sort .

Ordenar galería Samsung

At this time a small pop-up menu will appear in which the option to Sort by will appear. Within this you will offer us the following options: Personalized order and Name . In addition, it will also let us choose if we want it to be Ascending or Descending. In this way, we can select the exact filter with which we will organize all the albums in the gallery of a Samsung mobile. And, to save this configuration, we will have to touch Done.

Put albums hidden

Not only will we have the opportunity to filter the albums, but we will also be able to hide them. With this we will be able to hide them to keep them safer from the prying eyes of certain people. To do this, we will have to go to the reel and click on the three dots> Hide or show albums . Finally, you will have to activate the switch on those you want to hide. When you go to the initial panel of the gallery, this configuration will be automatically saved. And if you want to show them again, you must follow these same steps, but deactivating the button.

Ocultar álbumes Samsung

Use the suggestions

In addition, we will have the option to use the new suggestions offered by this Samsung Galaxy app . And, best of all, we won’t have to enable anything. To enter them, we must go to the Gallery and click on the three lines at the bottom right of the screen. Then select the Suggestions option. Upon entering this section, it will give us a suggestion or several, from viewing an image to deleting any content, either because it has poor quality or because it is repeated.

Sugerencias galería Samsung

Edit albums

If we want to give it another order, not only will we have a classification thanks to the filters , but we also have the possibility to edit the name with which they will appear on the reel of your Samsung mobile. To achieve this, you will have to enter the Gallery, click on the three points on the right and touch on Edit. Then, choose the specific Album and touch on the three points of More> rename. In this way, you can name it whatever you want. And not only this, but you will also have the option of changing the cover image you have.

editar álbumes Samsung

Eliminate the unnecessary

One of the most complete and useful tools that have been introduced in the South Korean firm’s personalization layer is based on a recycle bin in which the multimedia files that we delete will be stored for a while. In addition, it is an extra option that we can use without leaving the reel of our mobile. It will even help us to not only clean the memory of our smartphone, but we will also gain extra space to use it for other needs.

To do this, we will have to select the elements that we want to delete and click on the trash can icon> Move to Trash . Of course, some albums that come by default cannot be deleted from the terminal. Afterwards, the images and videos will remain for 15 days. However, we must activate the trash by entering the Gallery and clicking on the three horizontal lines> Trash> Activate trash.

Papelera Galería Samsung

In the event that you want to recover those deleted multimedia files, you will have to follow the previous steps until you reach the Trash section. Once in it, you just have to click on Edit and choose the images you want to recover. In this way, they will return to their place of origin.

Find your photos

It will not only be enough with a specific organization or with deleting all those multimedia files that we no longer want to have stored on the mobile. Therefore, a good way to find our photographs will be using the following three options that we will explain below.

Check them in favorites

This will be the first option that you should take into account. Besides that it will not be very complicated. To do this, enter the album you want and select the photo you want to set in favorites . Then, click on the heart icon. From that moment on, you will not have to spend a long time looking for that image, since you will quickly find it in the Favorites section by tapping on the three horizontal bars of the gallery.

Añadir imágenes a favoritos en Samsung

By location

In order for you to know this, you must enable both your location and the option to show the names of the places. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to find the images or videos that you have been collecting. If you want to activate it, you will have to click on the three lines at the bottom right and select Settings. Then enable the Show place names switch> check the box and click OK.


This will depend on whether the photo or video you are looking for was taken recently. If so, this section of the reel of Samsung mobiles will be your winning bet. If you want to enter this section of the gallery, you just have to click on the three horizontal bars that are shown in the lower right part of your screen and click on the Recent option . Here, you can find all those multimedia files that you captured recently.