Organize Edge Browser Favorites – All Ways

Surely by now you know that you have the opportunity to choose from a wide variety of Internet browsers right now. Some are more popular than others, but the most used at the moment are Edge, Firefox and Chrome . Also here elements such as favorites are extremely important, so we must know how to manage them in the best way.

Keep in mind that at the moment, one of the most important projects that Microsoft has in hand is precisely this, its Internet browser. Specifically, we refer to the replacement for the Edge that was launched together with Windows 10. Therefore, when we talk about this Redmond project , we refer to the software that is responsible for acting as a replacement for the original Edge. This is the one that was launched with Windows 10 and that had so little acceptance in general terms. Therefore, the software giant decided to launch a new version of the program, now focused on Google’s Chromium engine.

Organize Edge Browser Favorites - All Ways

The truth is that this is a project that does not stop growing over time, already surpassing most of the alternatives that have been with us for years. Therefore it is already on the direct hunt for Chrome, although it has a long way to go yet.

You could say that this is a Microsoft browser highly anticipated by many, in fact it has almost nothing to do with the first version. Microsoft here has tried to adapt the software to the times and enter a market as important as this. This program is based on Chromium , so it shares some things with other similar ones, among which we find Chrome itself.

How to manage favorites in Edge from the browser

There are many elements that are part of these programs, but one of the most important, while used, are the markers. This is precisely what we want to focus on along these same lines. As you already know, these are elements that allow us to save the URLs of the websites we visit. In this way, their subsequent consultation is greatly facilitated without having to remember them by heart.

Admittedly, a browser without these elements that we are talking about would not be very useful. But of course, at the same time the program must offer us a series of functions that allow us to handle these in the best way. In fact, if we focus on the aforementioned Edge, here we are going to delve into how to achieve this.

In these lines we are going to show you the most efficient way to add, edit and order these elements that we are talking about. And it is that when we are in a certain web , in many occasions we add it to the bookmarks or favorites of the program to save it.

Add and remove bookmarks in Edge (H3)

Unsurprisingly, saving a new bookmark in Edge is quick and easy. To do this, we just have to click on the star-shaped icon that is located next to the address bar. Thus, this URL will automatically be added to the main interface of the program so that we can access it in the future.

Añadir marcadores icono

Another simple way to achieve this that we tell you, is dragging the URL as such, once marked with the mouse, to the bookmarks bar. Say that if we already consider that we will not need them in the future, to delete a favorite we just have to click on it with the right button. In the context menu we will see the Delete option.

Eliminar favoritos

How to view and hide the favorites bar

The favorites or bookmarks that over time we accumulate in the browser, can be counted in the thousands. But there are some that we use more frequently, so perhaps we want to have more of them in view. We usually place these in what is known as the Favorites Bar. This is the one located just below the navigation bar

These elements are located here so that we only have to click on them to open them. But with everything and with it, Edge offers us the possibility of hiding said bar if we do not need it, this is something that we achieve by accessing the main menu of the program. In it we go to the Appearance section where we can activate or not the option to Show favorites bar.

Mostrar barra de favoritos

Manage these items in Edge

But of course, as is usual in these cases, the Microsoft program, in addition to the aforementioned Favorites Bar, has its own bookmarks section. To access it, we open the main menu of the program again . Here we already find an option called Favorites , in which we click.

Menú marcadores

A new window will open that will be very helpful when managing our favorites or bookmarks. The first thing we see in it are all the folders with these elements that we have been creating over time. At the same time, at the top of the window we find buttons to add new bookmarks, or create more of your own folders. As you can imagine, these folders serve as organizational elements.

Crear carpetas marcadores

In the same way, in this same window we have a favorite search engine in Edge, as well as a series of additional options for these elements.

Import or Export favorites

These additional functions are found in the button that is represented by three horizontal dots. In fact, as soon as we click on it, we find some options that will be of great interest to us for these elements that we are talking about here. We tell you this because from this same button we will have the possibility of automatically eliminating the markers that are duplicated.

At the same time we find the possibility of exporting and importing these elements, for example to take them to a file that later we load in another browser. This will also not serve to back up these favorites and keep them in a safe place.

Importar exportar favoritos

Manage favorites with extensions

These are the ways that Microsoft’s own web browser offers us to manage and administer these favorites or bookmarks from the Edge itself. But as is usual in this type of program, we can add other additional functions thanks to the extensions. These are small additions that are installed in the program to increase its functionality, and improve it.

Well, if you want to add a little more utility to these elements that we are talking about here, we will talk about some extensions that you can use in this regard.

Other speed dial

Here we find a useful extension for Edge that will allow us to take the section of favorites in the program, one step further. With this, what we want to tell you is that we will have the opportunity to add these elements to the program, but in another way.

With this we want to tell you that we will have the possibility to add our bookmarks in the form of much more thumbnails with our favorite websites. It also automatically generates thumbnails and screenshots of those websites that we are adding, it has support for creating folders, and a drag and drop function. You can try this extension for bookmarks from here .

Bookmarks Collections

Here we find another interesting extension for Edge favorites, that is, to help us manage in the best way these bookmarks or favorites that we are talking about. We say this because Bookmarks Collections allows us to create bookmark collections and switch between various bars of the same, obviously, all of them personalized.

Thus, the extension as such allows us to add a new icon with the label of the collections that we create with these contents . So we can manage them in a much more efficient way. To be able to try all this first-hand, you can do it from this link .