What is the OPPO System Cloner: How to use it?

After their continuous arrival in our country, OPPO mobiles are becoming more and more desired. And it is on its own merit, since over time they have been adding more functionalities to adapt the use of the operating system to the needs of its users. The arrival of ColorOS 11 to your smartphones together with Android 11 has meant an innovation in different aspects and functions, as has been the case with the system cloner .

This tool is quite curious, because it not only serves to have two well differentiated spaces within our OPPO mobile , but it will also allow us to transfer all our data to another new smartphone in the simplest and fastest way. In addition, the Chinese firm wants with this function that we can have a totally private space within our phone at all times. For this reason, it is time to see how it works and, above all, how to activate it.

Increase your privacy with OPPO cloning

With the arrival of the ColorOS 11 version to the Asian manufacturer’s mobile phones, the truth is that their smartphones have a new function that gives them a new private space that no one will be able to access. And although it seems like one of those tools that does not make much sense, this function not only serves to safeguard all that data that you do not want anyone to see, but it can also be used for other cases. As, for example, to create a work space, study or any other task that we need to have it well differentiated.

Clonador de sistema OPPO

In this way, this new functionality of OPPO mobiles will help us to have a totally exclusive space within our own Android device. A good way to bypass the privacy limits if you look at other smartphones. Therefore, if we do not want anyone to have access to what we most want to save, this will be the best way to achieve it. Basically, because we can protect it in different ways.

And it is that we are facing a tool that differs from the rest of the functionalities, or reminds us of functions such as the second space of Xiaomi or the guest space of other brands. In addition, when cloning the system we can share the phone with other people without them being able to see our terminal in full. Well, in this case, it is about having a public and a private system, to which only we will have access.

How to clone my smartphone system

Before starting to see how it has to be used, it must be clear that you must have the ColorOS 11 version on your OPPO Android phone. In addition, once we run this system, the truth is that in the cloned version we will continue to have access to the notifications that reach us on the original system. So we will not have to be constantly changing to review the different notices that reach us on our mobile device. An advantage that will be really useful for us to decide to bet on this tool from the Chinese firm.

Also, it must be taken into account that, when starting the copy of the original system , it will be possible to have all the applications that we had in this version. And all with the aim that we do not lose any app that we need, that is, we can continue using it without having to reinstall it on our terminal.

Therefore, before the cloning begins, we can choose to have them installed automatically in the second space. In this way, we will first find the same information from the original system. And later, we will be the ones who define that second space that we have created, that is, the final use that we are going to give it will fall on us. We can even import the following elements from one system to another:

  • Contacts.
  • Images.
  • Videos.
  • Audios.
  • Documents

Clonador de sistema OPPO

Once this is understood, it is time to take action and use this new functionality that has come to OPPO mobiles with ColorOS 11. Therefore, to be able to access this new tool we will have to follow the following steps:

  1. Access your smartphone settings.
  2. Open the privacy section.
  3. Click on the option called System Cloner .
  4. Once inside, click on the Create option.

At this point you are almost ready for this OPPO software tool to start working. On this screen, you will inform us of what exactly this functionality consists of and the different functions that it will have, such as the fact that it will be able to Synchronize notifications, the rapid change between spaces and the cloning of all the apps.

Then, we only need to write the password that we normally use to unlock our smartphone and configure a new password to access this second private space that we are going to create. In addition, not only can we establish a password, but it will also let us add a fingerprint if we wish.

Return to the original OPPO system

Changing from one version to another will be easy thanks to the fact that the software layer of the Chinese firm makes it easy for us. In addition, among the ColorOS 11 settings , it will let us choose if we want to hide access to this second space within the original version so that no one knows of its existence except us.

Móvil de OPPO clonado

Therefore, when we are in the cloned space , we will have the option to return to the original version by clicking on the quick shortcut that is found by sliding the panel from top to bottom. That is, where all the shortcuts are located. Then, we will only have to click on the option Return to the original system.

One of the aspects that we must take into account is that when accessing this clone, we will have the same apps that our OPPO brought by default for the first time . Therefore, we will have to clean all that software that we do not want to have installed on our terminal. In addition, another important point is that having two versions of our terminal will occupy the free space of the internal memory of the mobile device. So in order to use this tool we will have to ensure that we have enough space if we do not want our smartphone to run out of space later and its performance is affected.