Goodbye peepers! OPPO makes no one spy on your mobile

With the advancement of technology, privacy has become a fundamental element of our day-to-day lives. Manufacturers are increasingly looking to discover new ways to keep our data safe, both online and physically.

That is why OPPO has implemented in the new update of its customization layer a security measure against the most ribs. The upcoming arrival of Android 12 means that the various phone brands are working hard to offer a version with as many new features as possible, and ColorOS 12 comes with multiple protection tools.

OPPO makes no one spy on your mobile

No gossip

The Chinese brand has worked on ways to keep our personal information anonymous . On paper, preventing people around us from looking at our phone is a complicated task , since there is no service that takes care of keeping them at bay as if it happens with software.

– Ev (@evleaks) October 27, 2021

For this reason, OPPO has decided to integrate a function in the new version of its layer called ‘Anti-peeping notifications’ . This is based on a method to prevent anyone from snooping on smartphone notifications.

How does it work

Many will wonder how it is possible, but it really has hardly any mystery. When you receive a notification while your device is locked, its content will be hidden until the terminal detects that only you are watching .

This means that it works in a similar way to facial recognition , as it scans your face for when it is necessary to analyze your face and display the information in question.

coloroS 12

In the event that the phone detects the image of another person besides you, the notifications will be hidden until only you remain. Without a doubt, it is a very peculiar and effective method to protect our data.

It is not the only measure

From OPPO they vehemently strive to defend privacy . Proof of this are the different preventions that have been carried out around this factor. One of the most popular techniques for this was incorporated into ColorOS 7 focused on providing permissions to third-party applications.

On more than one occasion we have come across a certain intrusive application that does not stop asking for permissions for any action. Fortunately, the Asian company has a really effective security system that sends empty information in order to keep the original data hidden. A sample of the efforts of the firm in this matter.