The most excruciating Amazfit mistakes

The Amazfit smartwartch are one of the most preferred accessories by users for their mobile phones , since they are used to monitor both their physical condition and that of the smartphone itself. The best thing is that there is a wide variety of smart watches so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Even so, although they are packed with really useful functions of all kinds, they are not without flaws like any other device. In fact, there are not a few that have been reported by consumers, as they prevent its proper functioning, becoming a real nuisance.

most excruciating Amazfit mistakes

Your Amazfit does not link

One of the most desperate problems for users is that the watch does not link to the bracelet no matter how hard you try. Sometimes this is a big headache, since we can think that our Amazfit has broken down , but nothing is further from the truth.

Amazfit GTS

If you can’t make the pairing, you can try to charge the device’s battery to the maximum. If it continues not working, it is possible that the error is in the phone, so you must uninstall and reinstall the Zepp application or force its closure.

Notifications do not arrive

Surely, the main reason why you have decided to choose to buy a smart watch is to check the notifications of calls or messages without having to take your mobile out of your pocket.

This need can be thwarted by another of the most disillusioning errors for the user, but as always in these cases, there is a solution. You just have to enter the settings of your terminal and look for the application to which you have your watch connected. Once located, provide it with the permissions to run in the background. In addition to configuring alerts in Zepp.

GPS position is not correct

What is the use of buying an Amazfit watch with built-in GPS if it does not work as it should. Establishing a route to a specific destination, but our location is not accurately captured can generate some anger.

Solución al problema GPS Amazfit

Fixing this problem is not very complicated. First of all, try to place yourself in an open space and keep your position as firm as possible when activating the browser. If this does not fix the situation, check the update of your watch and the application. If it persists, you must restart both devices and synchronize them again. You can even clear the app’s cache.