OPPO: All Gestures and Movements to Control ColorOS

gestures to use on an OPPO

The way we can interact with our mobile devices has changed a lot in recent years. Not only for the simple fact that we have gone from having large physical buttons to virtual ones, but now we can handle some of the functionality of the terminals without even having to touch the phone itself. OPPO phones with ColorOS have an important repertoire of gestures and movements, which will allow us to access different functions and tools more quickly.

These shortcuts are a kind of alternative to the classic way of using the mobile device. And the thing is, the progress made by the different brands leads us to find different ways of interacting with our terminals. In addition, that almost all users agree on the same fact, that of getting used to the gesture system. More than anything because it allows faster interaction with many of the terminal tools. Therefore, we will take a look at the most striking possibilities found in OPPO mobiles .

How to activate this function

This is the first question that we must ask ourselves before getting to know each one that we can do with our OPPO terminal. If you have the traditional Android buttons, even if they are virtual at the bottom of your mobile screen, it is clear that you do not have them activated. Luckily, it can be done in a simple way as you will be able to see below.

Gestos OPPO

In addition to being very simple, since it is something for which ColorOS is very well prepared, we will have a specific area for gestures and movements among which are all those related to the function of turning on the screen in a much more important way. quickly, even to perform other actions more effectively. To do this, you must do the following steps on your OPPO mobile:

  • Enter your mobile settings.
  • Select Practical Tools.
  • Click on the Gestures and movements menu .

Here we will see all the functionalities that we will have access to, so we will explain each one of them and the way in which you will have to use some of their movements. But basically, it will depend on you whether it is a method that you use regularly, or is simply anecdotal. Of course, when you get used to them you will not want to change these settings again.

All OPPO gestures

The reality is that today’s mobiles increasingly offer us more possibilities and tools to make our day-to-day tasks easier. In the case of the Asian manufacturer, in recent years it has experienced great growth, both in terms of sales and improvements in the software. In addition, their ColorOS customization layer has its own characteristics that differentiates them from the rest. Therefore, it is time to know all the functionalities that we can perform with simple actions.

With the screen off

Once we have discovered how to activate them within the menu that we have shown you previously, we will find a lot of options that you probably do not know. But, first of all, we will see the option called Screen off gestures . Within it we will have different functionalities to make shortcuts in your terminal, such as making simple drawings.

gestos OPPO

To activate it you must follow the previous steps and click on the switch that appears deactivated next to Screen off gestures . After enabling it, we can customize the following options:

  • Press twice to turn on the screen.
  • Draw an O to activate the camera.
  • Draw a V to open the lantern.
  • Music control: use two fingers to draw “II” on the screen to pause / resume playback and “<” or “>” to move to previous or next songs.
  • Add more gestures: you can add some custom functionality with the panel off, for example swipe up to enable the terminal calculator.

To browse mobile

The first thing we have to say is that the mobiles of this brand that have a more updated version of ColorOS have two methods that make life easier for us when browsing our mobile device. To be able to switch between them we will have to access the phone settings and enter the Practical tools section. Once inside, the option of Navigation buttons will appear and where we can choose between the following alternatives.

The first that we come across are the Swipe Gestures from both sides:

  • Back: swipe to the center from the left or right of the screen.
  • Return to the home screen: to use this function you will have to slide your finger up from the bottom of the screen.
  • View recent tasks: swipe up from the bottom of the screen, and hold.
  • Switch to the Previous App: Swipe in from the bottom left or bottom right of the screen, then press and hold.

Gestos OPPO

The other option that OPPO offers us is the vertical swipe gestures . To access this section we must click on More and activate this functionality. Then, we can perform the following gestures:

  • Multitask: swipe up from the bottom center to get to the home screen, and press and hold to see recent tasks.
  • Back to Start: Swipe up from the bottom center.
  • Back: Swipe up from the bottom left or right to go back to the previous page. Also, you can hide the guide bar that will show us how to use them.

Screenshots with three fingers

We are facing another of the novelties that have been incorporated into the terminals of the Chinese brand in the latest update of its operating system. We refer to the fact of taking a screenshot in a simpler way, since we will only have to slide three fingers at the same time from top to bottom on the screen of our phone. In this way, we will make a total capture if we slide them suddenly, but if we want to make a partial we will have to slide our fingers gently.

The functions with movement of OPPO

It is the turn to know all those options that allow us to activate certain functions through various movements that we make with our mobile device. And it is that, in this way, we will get to execute simple actions without having to press our OPPO smartphone at any time. And the best of all is that it is within the very section that we have been showing you, so that there will appear the following options that we can activate:

Movimientos de OPPO

  • Raise to activate movements : with this simple action we will get the screen to turn on when lifting the device without having to press any physical button on the smartphone.
  • Accept calls automatically : When a call is received, it will be answered automatically when we bring the mobile device to our ear.
  • Automatically switch to the earpiece: it will automatically detect if the smartphone is close to the ear to activate the speaker itself. That is, if we have the phone with the speaker, it will pass by itself a small microphone, and if we move the smartphone away from the ear it will switch back to the speaker.
  • Turn to silence : if we receive a call we will only have to turn the terminal screen 180º to silence it.
  • Call automatically : once you have looked for the number you want to call or we have dialed it, when we bring the mobile device close to our ear it will begin to make the call by itself without having to press any button on the telephone panel itself.