Opera GX Review: Chromium Based Web Browser for Gamers

If there is something that predominates in the modes of use, at leisure, of current PCs, here you could talk about Internet browsing, together with the world of games. Well, a company like Opera has, in its own way, wanted to combine both areas with a somewhat special browser.

As surely many of you will already know firsthand, Internet browsers have become key elements in everyday life with the current PC. We use these programs in both domestic and more professional environments. There are many proposals of this type that we can use, including Opera . This is a software of this type that takes a good amount of years among us and that has not stopped evolving and improving.


With all this, what it intends is to approach other alternatives with greater market penetration in these instants such as Firefox or Chrome . But knowing the enormous success that the videogames sector is currently having, he has wanted to mix both worlds. To this end, it has created and launched its own web browser especially suitable for Gamers, Opera GX .

Main differences of Opera GX compared to other browsers

In this way, what the firm intends is that a good part of PC players use this Internet-related software to access certain platforms and types of use. For all this, how could it be otherwise, it offers us a series of specific functions that will help us in all this.

Instalador Opera

This somewhat more specific mode of operation is something that is evident as soon as you start the process of installing the program as such. That is something that continues when, at the end of this, we find the main interface of the program. In the beginning we found some interesting shortcuts especially indicated for the players.

That way we will have the possibility of managing the RAM and the amount of CPU that the browser can consume. This will allow us to adapt the internal specifications of the PC a little more to the use of the game as such, which will be very helpful in certain cases. Similarly, for example from here we will have direct access to our favorite channels of the gaming platform, Twitch .

Interfaz de usuario Opera

Twitch integration

Therefore if you are regulars of this gaming platform, Twitch, you will love that Opera GX facilitates the tracking of our favorite players from the browser’s sidebar. To do this, we just have to log in with our account details to see who is online and receive notifications about it. This will allow us to have the platform open while doing other tasks in the web browser itself.


Limit the consumption of Opera GX resources

In the same way and in order to improve the performance of the games we run on the PC, Opera GX allows us to limit the use of RAM and CPU. And it must be borne in mind that it is often necessary to keep the browser open to access certain online sites, while playing. This can be a serious inconvenience, for example in Chrome, since it consumes a good amount of resources .

Consumo resursos Opera GX

Well, Opera GX helps us in this, since it offers us the function called GX Control . This allows us to limit the amount of RAM, network bandwidth and CPU that the browser can use at that time. Therefore, if we are playing in an old or low-power team, we can use this functionality.

Customize the browser interface

In the same way this is a proposal that offers us a good amount of customizable parameters to adapt the aspect of the program to our tastes or needs. This is something that we will realize from the first moment we begin the installation process. In addition, Opera GX presents the function called GX Design, from where we can adapt this section that we tell you.

Diseño de GX Opera GX

Here we can adjust the tone in which we want the program to focus, in addition to choosing the tapestry that we are going to use. In the same way we can make use of mosaic animations, customize the sounds , or the sections that will be shown at the beginning. But that’s not all, but to make everything more accessible and comfortable, Opera GX presents its usual side shortcuts bar. From this, located on the left, we can establish a series of shortcuts to various functions and applications , which will save us time.

Barra lateral Opera

What is GX Corner and why it will help us

But these are not the only reasons why Opera GX and its interface is the best option for players. And it is that the program presents a special function to know at all times the latest releases of video games, news and discounts . For this we present the section of GX Corner, a place that gathers all this information.

Access to all this is found at the top of the program’s interface, specifically through an icon in the form of a game controller . Here we will see there is a calendar of releases with the next titles , a list of the most followed games of the moment, offers, news, etc.

GX Corner Opera

How to download the Opera GX browser

Thus, as we have seen, this is a web browser developed by people with experience in the sector, more than adequate for regular players from PC. All this is achieved thanks to the functions and features that we have mentioned above, so let’s see how to do with it.

For all this, the first thing we must do is access the official website of the program, something we achieved from this link . To say that we will have an installable version of the program, for computers based on Windows systems, so we will not have any more complications. All that is necessary will be to download the corresponding file, install it in Windows in a conventional manner, and start browsing and playing .