How to open Windows File Explorer as “This Computer”

configure-Windows-10-ExplorerMicrosoft has included during the development of Windows 10 a series of features designed primarily to give more importance to recent files . The timeline, or Timeline, for example, is one of these features that allows us to easily return to files or folders that we have used in the past. Another of these features is, for example, the fact that the “Quick Access” section opens by default every time we open a new Windows 10 file explorer window.

Most users are used to using Windows in the old way, as always. It is easier for them to search again for a certain file or program rather than using new features such as Timeline or Windows 10 quick access.

However, there is one of the default settings that bring more headaches to users: that every time we open a new file browser window, the ” Quick access ” section is opened by default. Surely most of us have never reopened a file or folder from here. And less considering that we have the left panel where to anchor the folders that we use most often.

Explorador archivos W10 - acceso rápido

Luckily, there is a simple configuration in Windows that allows us to change the behavior of the File Explorer. Thus, we can make it open by default ” This computer “, with all our hard drives, instead of the quick access directory of the operating system.

Change the default folder that opens in Windows 10 File Explorer

The first thing to do to change this setting is to open any window of the file explorer of the operating system. To do this, we place ourselves on the “Vista” tab of the Ribbon bar of Windows 10 and click on “Options”.

Abrir opciones Explorador de Archivos de Windows 10

A new window will open, like the following one, where we will have all the folder options. From here we will be able, for example, to make each folder open in a new window , configure the actions by clicking or customize the privacy options of the file browser. The section that interests us is the one that appears at the top, which is titled ” Open the file explorer in “.

Click on the drop-down and choose the option ” This team “.

Cambiar carpeta por defecto abrir explorador

We apply the changes, close the options window and go. From now on, every time we open a new File Explorer window, it will open by default in ” This computer “. And we can have personal folders on hand at the top, along with our hard drives. What we will most use.

Carpeta Este equipo abrir explorador W10

In case we want to return to the classic Windows 10 operation, we simply have to reverse the changes. That is, open the configuration again and check the “Quick access” option in the file explorer. This will work again as Microsoft has thought.

We hope that with the next updates of Windows 10 Microsoft will add new functions and features to the file browser. Among others, one of the most anticipated is the arrival of the tabs, or Sets, that allow us to open several folders in the same window.