Can I open multiple pages in Chrome at the same time when I start it?

When we sit down in front of our favorite internet browser, what we are looking for is fast loading of web pages and certain security features. At the same time, in programs like Google Chrome, Firefox or Edge , we also want to have at hand all those functions and internet accesses that we use the most on a day-to-day basis.

Precisely for this reason, the developers of these applications offer us a large number of customizable functions. This translates into a series of characteristics that allow us to adapt these programs to our needs. It must be said that the user experience in applications such as Chrome must be adequate from its initial execution.

Can I open multiple pages in Chrome at the same time when I start it

That is precisely why the creators of these specific programs allow us to greatly adapt the user interface of browsers. At the same time we have the possibility of adapting to our needs the home page that we are going to find when executing software solutions such as the aforementioned Chrome. In this way, as soon as we start the program we find a home page with all those direct access contents that interest us the most. Moreover, on certain occasions some users will need to find several web pages already loaded and ready to start.

Next, we are going to focus on the most widely used and widespread proposal of this type in the world, such as Google Chrome , which has around 65% of the market. Therefore, those of you who have wondered about the possibility of opening several pages at the same time when starting Chrome , let’s see if it is possible. In this sense, the usual thing is to establish your own home page or customize the one that the browser itself already offers us.

Open multiple pages simultaneously when running Chrome

However, some of you may not know that this is a software solution that allows us to set multiple home pages . In this way, what we achieve is that the pages established by us open automatically in different tabs as soon as we start Google Chrome. Obviously, here we can indicate all those websites that we need, whatever their type.

In certain circumstances, this movement can save significant time if we know in advance the Internet pages that we need to use. It is for all these reasons that we will now show you how to configure this well-known program so that it allows us to establish multiple home web pages. For this we tell you what we must do is access its configuration page . Simply click on the button represented by three vertical lines located in the upper right corner.

This gives us access to all the sections and customizable sections of Chrome . In this case, we are interested in the call When opening, where we click. Here we are going to find the different configuration possibilities related to the home page. As we can see, one of them is Open a specific page or a set of pages .

paginas chrome

This allows us, through the link called Add a new page, to establish as many websites as we need. They will be added to the list that we see in this same section and they are the ones that open automatically as soon as you run the browser. Each of these websites that we indicate here will open in individual tabs on their own. In addition, we have the possibility to edit these entries or delete them whenever we need it.