Only Xiaomi mobiles can activate maximum security in MIUI

Privacy is an aspect that matters a lot to more and more mobile phone users, and that is why brands are increasingly concerned about implementing improvements related to this and that reassure their users. There is a new maximum security function that you can take advantage of on Xiaomi brand mobiles.

If you want to keep your privacy to the maximum, you can do it with a security option that you can only find in Xiaomi because it is in the MIUI customization layer. Do you want to know what it is?

Only Xiaomi mobiles can activate maximum security in MIUI

What is it and how can you activate Virtual ID

This is a mobile novelty that comes to the brand with MIUI 12 called Virtual ID, but that many users do not know because it is hidden , despite the fact that years have passed since its appearance. If you have a Xiaomi mobile that allows you to activate it, you will considerably improve your privacy and security in the use of your mobile.

In case it does not appear among the options of your smartphone, it may be due to the following reasons:

  • You do not have the necessary MIUI 12 update.
  • Your smartphone is low or mid-range and does not have access to this advantage.

To enable this new privacy feature on your Xiaomi, you will have to go to the settings of your phone and give the Privacy Protection section. From there you will give special permissions. Then you will select Manage virtual ID and enable the Use virtual ID option. When you do, the apps and sites will receive a fake ID that will be the one we have activated.


The path is the following:

  1. Settings of your Xiaomi
  2. privacy protection
  3. Special permissions
  4. Manage Virtual ID
  5. Turn on Use Virtual ID

id virtual xiaomi

Whenever you want, you can reset your Virtual ID to start from scratch whenever you want, although this means that in some apps the preconfigured parameters may end up being lost.

If this function does not appear , it may be that you have to update your mobile and wait for the function to be activated on it. Check first that you have a MIUI version that allows it. You can see it in Settings, About the phone, looking at what MIUI version you have.

Set Privacy Protection

Beyond the virtual identity, which you should activate on your mobile for your maximum privacy, or it will arrive very soon if you have recently updated and it still does not appear, the privacy protection section allows you to manage action permissions sensitive, special permits and other permits . You will be able to manage your privacy to the maximum in all important aspects and you will prevent any of the applications that you have on your Xiaomi mobile from harming you or accessing data that you do not want them to have.

To get to this option you must follow the same route on your phone:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Seek Privacy Protection
  3. Check and configure each of its sections


It is important that you control this section so that no app has more permissions than it should or to increase the maximum security of your device. If you go to all the permissions you will be able to see the apps that have the different permissions and those that have been denied so that, by pressing on the app, you can change the configuration to allow or not allow. It does not hurt that you check it in the critical sections.