OnePlus Mobile: How to Duplicate Applications

There can be many reasons to need two palaces in our mobile and luckily there are more and more layers of customization on Android that offer us to duplicate applications. One of them is OxygenOS from OnePlus , with which through a hidden function we will be able to duplicate all those applications where we may need it.

The OnePlus personalization layer is the favorite for many users as it does not add too many aspects to the stock version of Android, although it is true that it increasingly has more tools and the possibility to personalize our mobile. This allows us to have access to many tricks for our OnePlus mobile , among which we find the option to duplicate applications.

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Steps to duplicate apps in OnePlus

In order to have two WhatsApp applications, Instagram, Facebook or another available application, we will have to enter the Settings of our OnePlus mobile and look for the option called “Utilities”. From this section we will have access to the option we need, called in OxygenOS as ” Parallel Applications “.

duplicar aplicaciones oneplus

Just by accessing it, we will find the possibility of duplicating several applications that we have installed on our mobile. Just touching the button will generate an identical copy from where we can enter with a different user. The problem that we can find is that we do not have all the apps on our phone and therefore we have some limitations.

Duplicate the rest of applications with a new user

Unfortunately we cannot duplicate all the applications in our OnePlus, to achieve this we have to create a new space in our OnePlus mobile using the user tool that integrates Android. To do this we have to enter Settings> System> Multiple users and select the guest user or create a new one. From this section we will be able to use a new WhatsApp account or any other application without any restrictions.

crear usuarios oneplus

We will only have to tap on this option, even adding to the lock screen to make it easier to switch between one or another user. This user is also protected with a password , pin or fingerprint reader, making it totally secure. Despite this, if we do not have an essential application that needs to be duplicated, the first option is the best you can use, because it does not take up as much space on our mobile and its utilities are faster, not having to be forced to have two users.