Does Your OnePlus 9 Pro Consume Memory Itself? It Has a Solution!

In March 2021, the Chinese firm finally debuted its new flagship, the OnePlus 9 Pro. However, for reasons that have not yet been discovered, in recent days there have been many users who have been reporting in forums a really peculiar problem that has left many of these people speechless. And although the complaints have been made recently, this problem may have been there from the beginning.

The main complaint that has been spreading in recent days is a problem with its internal storage. Each of the users were reporting the same error, their OnePlus 9 Pro was running out of internal storage and for no apparent reason. Now, you know the cause and what are the possible solutions that can prevent this error from happening.

OnePlus 9 Pro Consume Memory Itself

Your OnePlus 9 Pro makes file copies

Users who have a OnePlus 9 Pro have seen their mobile device running out of space in its internal memory through no fault of their own. And the main problem caused by this excessive storage consumption is due to the fact that, in some way, the terminal of the Asian firm itself makes copies of the images, videos and other multimedia files without us having given any kind of permission. .

However, these items that were stored virtually cannot be deleted from the “delete storage” option of the mobile. Therefore, the culprit is the Media Storage app . Luckily, there are two possible solutions that will end this error. The first one will be through Gallery.

Therefore, to try to recover the lost space again, you will have to open the Gallery app and empty the trash folder in the Collections tab . Also, depending on the amount of storage used by said software, the process will take more or less time to complete. And the most curious of all, is that users with a OnePlus 9 have not been affected by this problem.

As a second solution, and an alternative, they suggest deleting the Media Storage app for a while. Although there is also the option of temporarily and manually deleting the trash folder to make sure that space is not used by itself. And all until you find a software solution, although sources have already reported that they are investigating the problem, so the final solution is on the way .