The OnePlus 7 Update Arrives with Problems and Complaints

Just a few hours ago, the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro began to update to Android 11 along with the OxygenOS 11 layer . This update has not been without controversy at any time since it has arrived with a long delay due to the problems that have appeared in the beta versions of OxygenOS 11 and although the stable version is more mature, it is not perfect.

The update that will gradually reach more countries such as Spain, will allow many changes and novelties to users that are integrated into the customization layer, as is the case with the new OxygenOS design. There are also changes to the cameras, advanced features in the gaming space, and many more customization possibilities. But not everything is as nice as it may seem in the changelog.

An outdated update from minute one

Although we can be happy to be able to enjoy Android 11 and the latest version of the customization layer, some users have noticed that the security patch of the update is from February . At the moment when the update is raised, we are at the end of March, so if some users delay in receiving it, they will be planted in April with two months of delay after the important update.

oneplus 7 pro

It is not the first time that OnePlus has been criticized for this, which is increasingly neglecting its security updates and that causes a feeling of less commitment in the forums of the Chinese firm. Although they have tried to mitigate the lags produced in OxygenOS 11 , some do not look favorably on this security patch. But unfortunately this is not everything.

The bugs have not taken long to appear in the OnePlus 7

In the OnePlus forum itself the problems continue for the OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro. As we have seen on other occasions, when the beta versions give bugs, it is normal to find errors that keep repeating in the stable version. Among the most repeated problems are the errors of focus with the camera or forced closures.

oneplus 7

In addition, one of the complaints from users is that the promised Always On Display mode does not reach the OnePlus 7 , a new disappointment for the owners of this high-end terminal who are left behind. Other errors appear with the temperature of the smartphone when charging it, abnormal battery consumption and freezing of the home screen have also been detected.

How to optimize the update?

Whether we’ve tested some of the OxygenOS 11 betas before or haven’t, we have to try to fix the issues with the OnePlus update. Before doing so, we must save important photos and files elsewhere, achieving with these steps that the phone does not drag previous errors and receives OxygenOS 11 as it should.

  • First we turn off the mobile.
  • Then we press and hold the volume down and power buttons until we see the OnePlus logo.
  • We select English language.
  • We touch wipe data and cache.
  • We choose wipe cache.
  • We choose Yes.
  • And to finish we choose reboot.

Source> OnePlus