How to Improve the Sensitivity of the Touch Screen of a Mobile

The touch screen is the cornerstone of our interaction with the mobile. In case of breakage or malfunction, we will hardly be able to access most of the functions. In many cases, the touch screen does not work as well as it should, and we do not know how the sensitivity is not the same as before.

Making the screen sensitivity appropriate is essential for everything to work properly. For this reason, it will not take long to realize when something is wrong, so we are going to see how to improve the touch sensitivity of the screen.

When is improvement necessary?

The tactile response can be affected by several causes. One of the most common is the placement of a tempered glass screen protector, but it is not the only one. However, the need to improve touch sensitivity is given when the user notices the following problems in interacting with the screen:

  • Problems unlocking the phone using the pattern or pin.
  • Difficulty or lack of response to receive calls (pick up) or hang up calls.
  • General lack of response to keystrokes on the screen.
  • Poor precision in general in the pulsations on the screen.
  • Difficulty writing messages in messaging applications such as WhatsApp, email, etc …
  • Inaccuracies when pressing the screen in games where there was no problem before

dedo tocando pantalla de movil y fondo negro

How to increase the sensitivity of the touch screen

At this point, we must implement some solutions to try to solve the problem. Luckily, unless we are faced with a hardware problem, we can try to improve the sensitivity by ourselves without any complications.

Remove the screen protector

If the problem coincides with a recent screen protector installation , there is little doubt. In many cases, poor quality protectors can cause this lack of tactile sensitivity. Those of quality, protect while hardly reducing this sensitivity. For this reason, we must try to remove the protector and touch the screen again to see if it recovers its initial softness and sensitivity.

Clean the screen

Cleaning the screen is part of the maintenance of our mobile, which we should have as a mandatory task at least once a week. However, sometimes we let too much time go by without doing it. Dirt does not have to be fully visible even though it is there. Grease can create an invisible film between the screen and our fingers, causing it to not respond correctly to our keystrokes.

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The ideal is to use Therefore, it is recommended to use wipes impregnated in isopropyl alcohol of 70% or higher. The wipes should be soft and lint-free. However, we can also use a slightly moistened chamois of the glasses and gently rub the entire surface. Then we will pass a dry cloth, being able to serve the same area of the suede that is dry.

Calibrate the screen

We can also use a tool to find out if our touch screen has a calibration problem, which may be the cause of a lack of touch sensitivity . In this sense, a good calibration can help correct this and other faults. Once downloaded, you just have to follow the steps, touching different points on the screen to perform the calibration.

calibrar pantalla android

In screen settings

It is possible that our smartphone has an option, which allows to compensate for the loss of screen sensitivity . If so, it will take a few seconds to find out, as it will be found in the screen settings. When activated, the sensitivity is enhanced, since the terminal contemplates the use of protectors or gloves, which can weigh down the interaction with the touch panel.

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Update your mobile

On our site we see very often, how many terminals that go on the market have problems with the touch screen. Far from being a user-caused problem, it is a software problem that can be solved with a simple software update. For this reason, if we have any of these updates pending, it is advisable to proceed to download and install them, since that could be the key to improving the sensitivity of the touch screen. We can solve doubts from Settings / System / System Updates