OneDrive Features to Change from Day One

Cloud storage services have not stopped expanding and growing over the last few years. These are offered to us by some technology companies such as Microsoft or Google. Now we are going to focus on the proposal of the former, specifically on OneDrive functions that we should review since we started using it.

These cloud services that we are talking about, present us with a huge number of advantages when it comes to mass storage of content. In many cases, it is no longer necessary to use USB sticks or DVDs, for example, to carry their own content from one place to another. We can upload them to a space in the cloud, and we will have access to them from any PC, mobile or place in the world, all you need is a browser.

OneDrive Features to Change from Day One

There are companies that offer us reserved space on their servers for free, while others offer it to us for a fee. But with everything and with this, the most common is that they offer us a certain space for free, and to expand it we have to start paying a monthly payment or annuity.

This is the case of OneDrive, something that we will talk about below and that Microsoft itself presents us when having an account with them. Well, as usual, this application, which is included in Windows 10 , comes with a default configuration, something that we are interested in changing for various reasons, OneDrive functions that we mention below.

Automatic creation of photo albums

By default OneDrive is configured and prepared to create photo albums automatically as we upload content. But it is very possible that we ourselves want to manage these files and order them. Therefore, to deactivate this functionality that we are commenting on, we place ourselves, within the app, in the Settings / options menu. This will open a personal website in the default browser, where we now click on Photos.

Fotos álbumes onedrive

Check the available space or hire more

How could it be otherwise, one of the most important sections when we talk about storage space in the cloud, is the space as such. At first Microsoft offers us 5 gigs for free here . To check what we have free and hire more if we need it, in the configuration screen, we go to the Manage storage section.

Here we see what we have left free, while to hire something more additional skill, we only have to click on the link called Improve.

Manage OneDrive notifications

On the other hand, we must also customize or adapt to our needs, the control of the notifications that will come to us from the OneDrive functions. By default, the platform sends us these messages every time changes are made to shared files , or events related to photos. Well, if we are not interested in any of it, to stop bothering us, we deactivate them in the Notifications section.

notificaciones funciones de OneDrive

Modify Office file formats

If we take into account that this Microsoft service works in conjunction with the Office firm’s productivity suite, the files we create can be stored here comfortably. Of course, it can also be the case that we need the default format of the files that we create in Word , Excel or PowerPoint , something that we achieve in the Formats section: Office file.