One UI 4.0 can save your life with its new setting

Updates are a very serious matter for Samsung. In fact, it is one of the most generous companies with its policy, which means that many users will soon be able to enjoy the news that One UI 4.0 brings to their mobiles.

OS patches and customization layers have always meant endless new features to get the most out of your smartphone. Sometimes these add-ons not only serve to achieve optimal performance, but also to help the user in case of problems. This is just what happens with a property that accompanies the recent version of the Korean brand’s software.

One UI 4.0 can save your life with its new setting

Medical information

Without a doubt, one of the great additions to this One UI update is the emergency functions . In common circumstances, the terminals have a tool to provide your location directly to the emergency services in the event of an accident, but Samsung has sought a way to integrate even more information.

Within the device settings you can find a section known as ‘Security and emergency’. In it you can see several parameters to fill in about your medical data. In this way, health professionals will have first-hand information at hand to know key aspects of the patient when acting.

Emergencias One UI 4

You can add information of interest that is decisive in a situation, such as an allergy to some type of product or if you suffer from any other illness. In addition, you can also indicate trusted contacts without the need to resort to writing AA after the name. On the other hand, this will be the place where you can activate the GPS location. The purpose is to facilitate and speed up the process in case of any emergency.

No one is aware of when a life or death situation can occur . That is why it is more than advisable to enter the data previously exposed to ensure that the damage is as minor as possible.

It is sent automatically

This information is provided automatically to health services after making an emergency call to the number in question, which in Spain is 112. It should be noted that this type of communication can be made without coverage and without the SIM card inserted. Of course, it is recommended that you regularly calibrate the GPS in order to ensure exact precision.

One UI 4

Manufacturers are increasingly looking for new ways to add functions that are of great help to the user and this is a clear example of this. Technology is not only about making things easier, it can be beneficial in different aspects, as it happens here.

One UI intends to complete its launch in the middle of this year 2022 in a deployment that is being carried out progressively. For this reason, it is necessary to be attentive to the advance of the dates, since at the most unexpected moment you could receive the version that opens the door to this wonderful adjustment that can save your life at the most unexpected moment.