One-Click Overclocking on AMD Ryzen CPUs, Complete Manual

When we don’t have much idea about how to overclock, we think it is a good option to choose the one recommended by the motherboard. However, it must be borne in mind that One-Click Overclocking in a Ryzen CPU may not be the most recommended, so we explain the lights and shadows of this methodology.

Many users have ever practiced One-Click Overclocking for different reasons: little time, ignorance or lack of desire, among others. That said, not everyone knows that this overclock may not be ideal for our CPUs because people think that motherboard settings are not bad. If you have a Ryzen CPU and want to get the most out of it, there are certain things to keep in mind

One-Click Overclocking on AMD Ryzen CPUs

What is One-Click Overclock?

overclock one-click

It is a feature that Ryzen AM4 motherboards bring and it is a quick overclock setting that we can activate by getting into the BIOS and clicking a button . In this way, a person who is not knowledgeable about overclocking can enjoy a little turbo on their Ryzen CPU.

Said One-Click Overclock is characterized by being lightweight , although we can see that motherboards can squeeze the CPU in different ways. In the end, it is a difference between manufacturers and motherboard models, but the result is the same: we can overclock our Ryzen with the push of a button.

Normally, this overclock usually raises a frequency of 300-400 MHz with respect to the base frequency of the processor. However, when we activate this function we see that many boards unnecessarily raise the processor voltage too much , thereby raising the temperature to dangerous ranges.


overclock one-click ryzen

The short answer is no, but we will argue it properly. The One-Click Overclock offered by motherboards is characterized by being variable (although we find others that are not), that is, it adapts to the workload that the CPU has. In this way, if we run the CPU-Z program to see the processor frequency , you will see that it is changing and that it is not always the same, although there are boards that overclock with a fixed frequency in this way.

When we overclock manually , the CPU frequency is fixed, being the same in any workload. If we pay attention to logic, we will think that this type of overclock is optimal because it tightens or relieves the CPU when necessary, raising or lowering its frequencies.

However, there is a peculiarity that must be taken into account: the voltage . Another of the figures that you should pay attention to in a One-Click Overclock, is the voltage that your Ryzen has. In case you are wondering why it is important, you should know that the higher the frequency, the more voltage, which will make the CPU hotter and consume more. Not only that, a higher voltage has an impact on the VRMs on the motherboard, causing them to rise in temperature.

overclock one-click ryzen

Therefore, the problem with motherboards is that their automatic settings are overvoltage , since we could overclock the Ryzen CPU without increasing it so much. For a long time, it has not been recommended that any overclock exceed a voltage of 1.45 V , although we can see very powerful cooling in which this is not a problem. In case of doing a One-Click Overclock, you will see that the CPU can reach those voltages, which will cause a reduction in the useful life of our processor.

Likewise, we never recommend an extreme overclock because we are playing with limits that can be seen against us, breaking the processor. For those people who don’t have much of an overclocking idea, I would say that One-Click Overclocking is a start , but it can be improved. Logically, it is improved by learning the basic concepts and getting down to work.

If we compare the overclock of this type with what we can do, we are left with the overclock of a lifetime because the CPU will not have overvoltage, we will be able to enjoy the same performance (even more) and we will not reduce the useful life of the CPU so much. So our answer is that, with other options, it’s not worth it .