Office slow? Improve its performance with these tips

Not only many of you, but most of the teams have the office automation solution developed by Microsoft, Office. It is composed of a series of useful applications that serve us for all kinds of tasks related to these work environments.

To give us an idea, we will talk about programs of the importance of Word, Excel or PowerPoint, titles that are surely more than familiar to most. However, over the years these have become more complex, all through the updates sent by the firm itself. All this translates and substantially increases the functionality offered by the programs that are part of Office, but at the same time they require more resources from the team.

Office slow

Perhaps modern computers hardly notice the difference in consumption of RAM and CPU that these applications make. On the contrary, if we work with a limited equipment in terms of internal or old specifications, things change a lot. However, whether in a personal or professional capacity, in most actions we will be obliged to continue using these software solutions . Perhaps something many of you are interested in knowing that we can always take some measures to try to improve the performance of these programs without consuming the resources of the computer.

This is precisely what we want to focus on in the following lines, changes that we can carry out in a simple way to achieve this goal. In addition, we are going to talk about ways that are accessible to anyone so that we can work better with these office programs.

Improve Office performance the easy way

We have already told you that these programs are becoming more complex as well as complete, but sometimes they consume too many resources. Therefore, the first thing we have to do to improve its performance is to close the rest of the programs that we have running. In this way we will free up RAM and CPU so that they can fight each other in Office programs and thus improve their performance in an ostensible way. Likewise, it may be the case that we need to work with several applications of the same suite simultaneously.

Complementos Word

This is something that we should avoid in most cases, especially if we have a somewhat limited team, since both could be impaired in terms of their operation. Another of the sections that we must take into account here is that related to accessories. These are generally used in Word , PowerPoint or Excel to improve the functionality of the program, but they can adversely affect the performance of the program. Also, not only in the operation as such when we have it in the execution, but also that they can make them take longer to start up.

Changing the third we must take into consideration that these applications, at least in the most modern versions, allow us to work directly in the cloud. In the event that we do not have a good connection , it will always be advisable to work locally to save and open our personal documents. In addition, if we have an old computer, we should avoid large files full of multimedia content in these office programs.